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5 tips to clean after a home remodeling

Clean after home remodeling

When we do some remodeling in our house, however small it may be, we will always need a good plan to clean, and especially some tips to clean after home remodeling. Why? Well, because after repairing or changing parts of the house, everything is messy, there are plenty of things around and you have to clear spaces. Also, there are residues of cement, paint or glue which are very difficult to remove in a conventional way.

The ideal scenario is that at the end of the renovation our home is beautiful, only so we can enjoy the changes and improvements made.

These 5 tips to clean after a home remodeling will help you make your home look perfect and tidy


  1. Do it yourself: you can always hire a cleaning company, but the idea is that you take care of it, preventing situations such as having stains, cracks, scrapes or glued residues on the newly remodeled house.

This process starts even before beginning the remodeling so we can only remove debris and dust when the remodeling is finished. This way you can even save money and invest it in your project.

  1. Seek advice first: it is important to read, inquire a bit and do a little research about the subject. You can also ask the professionals so you can obtain the best possible results when the project is finished and cleaning time starts.
  1. Select the best products on the market: cleaning all the dust and stains after a remodeling can become scary, no matter how much care you have, there will always be excesses that you might even think will never come out. That is why it is important to acquire specialized products so that their efficiency in each space, surface and dirt is optimal.

Currently, there are excellent liquids on the market to remove cement, plaster and other materials that do not come out with a simple cleaning. If it is a matter of removing residues in cement, rustic tiles and porcelain floors, there are also very strong, abrasive, and effective chemical products for these cases.

  1. Be cautious: the remodeling process actually starts before the execution as such of the work since some provisions must be taken like covering the window panes, removing the knobs and handles of the doors, removing curtains, covering furniture, paintings and lamps, among others. This is to protect them from dust, paint and other accidents that could occur in the middle of the job.
  1. Only rent the necessary equipment: ​​once the remodeling is finished, cleaning can be achieved quickly, but it can also be complicated. There are companies that rent all types of machines to perform this type of exhaustive cleaning which needs more sophisticated equipment, for example, industrial vacuum cleaners, high-pressure cleaners, floors polishing machines that are perfect to get excellent results.

All remodeling will bring with it a quantity of dust remains of different materials and a lot of work when it comes to cleaning and ordering.

Are you worried about having to clean your house after a remodeling? Now you don’t have to since it’s only about planning ahead, organizing yourself, seeking advice on the subject and you’ll be ready to get to work!

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