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Dream Home Builders & Remodelers offers a “Four Step Process to a Successful Project”:


Initial Consultation, Discuss Project Budget Amount


Execute Our Design Agreement , Detailed Measurements, Material Selections


Complete Construction Drawings, Firm Price Quotation, Contract


Construction Begins, Final Walk Through Checklist, Final Payment

Choosing A Design Build Firm


Homeowners are frequently counseled to ‘get at least three bids’ when they are considering hiring a contractor for home improvements. The goal, of course, is to get the best price for the work. But a competitive bid situation is not always the best route to take. When should you get multiple proposals and when should you narrow your search to just one contractor? There really are only two general situations in which the competitive bid process will provide the homeowner with not only the best price but also the best project.



We help you in what you want: Very Small Projects or Fully Designed Scope?


Very Small Projects: A tile floor in a powder room or a garden window installed over the kitchen sink can be estimated quickly with a brief site visit by the contractor. A simple enough project that several contractors can be consulted without the danger of anything being missed.

Fully Designed Scope: If you already have a Full Set of Dimensional Design Drawings and a detailed Scope of Work, you probably cannot go wrong with competitive bids from various contractors. At this point, you have already invested a significant amount of money in an architect or designer to develop detailed plans and specifications.

Most often home remodeling projects are the culmination of wants and wishes gathered over years of living in a house. Often the plans are only formed in the homeowners’ minds. Under these circumstances, the competitive bid process without detailed drawings will result in a more expensive project and a project full of frustration.

Estimate accuracy is difficult to achieve due to speculation by the contractor of the required materials without the proper measurements and illustrations. Projects without plans are stressful to both parties because there is no printed documentation to ensure the homeowner gets exactly what is desired.


Charlotte Design Build contractors


Many remodeling contractors are builders who specialize in remodeling existing homes. A few, however, add a design component to their services that sets them apart from the others. Charlotte Design Build contractors are able to make the all-important step of taking the homeowners’ vision and applying it to the existing house structure and executing design drawings.

The overall project begins to come to life on the design drawings and the optimum utilization of house and property is made possible by the input of a licensed residential builder during the earliest stages of design.

The Design-Build Process not only puts all of the design parameters on paper at the earliest stages of the project, but it also hands that information over seamlessly to the builder, a member of the same team that developed the design in the first place. The Design-Build Project results in the highest possible economy and the most efficient and stress-free remodeling experience.

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