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Charlotte Design Build Contractor

Dream Home Builders and Remodelers offers a

“Four Step Process to a Successful Project”:


Use our contact form to get in touch.  Be sure to include current photos of the space you want improvements made, if applicable.  We will schedule a phone call to discuss your ideas, our Design Agreement and the budget for your project.  Assuming we are good fit we will move to Step Two.


We will arrange a time visit with you at your home and gather additional information.  We will take additional photos and detailed measurements of the space.  After we execute the Design Agreement we will move to Step Three.


This is the most important step in our opinion.  Taking the time create construction drawings, make material selections and conducting trade contractor site visits ensure our projects finish on time and on budget.  Once our planning and design decisions have been completed we will provide you with a Fixed Price Quotation and Contract to build your project.


Construction begins with ordering all the materials needed for your project and securing building permits with the City/County.   We will coordinate all the contractor scheduling and jobsite supervision.  Daily, weekly and final cleaning keep our customers happy while under construction.


Charlotte Design Build Contractor

Many remodeling contractors are builders who specialize in remodeling existing homes. A few, however, add a design component to their services that sets them apart from the others. Charlotte Design Build contractors are able to make the all-important step of taking the homeowners’ vision and applying it to the existing house structure and executing design drawings.

The overall project begins to come to life on the design drawings and the optimum utilization of house and property is made possible by the input of a licensed residential builder during the earliest stages of design.

The Design-Build Process not only puts all of the design parameters on paper at the earliest stages of the project, but it also hands that information over seamlessly to the builder, a member of the same team that developed the design in the first place. The Design-Build Project results in the highest possible economy and the most efficient and stress-free remodeling experience.






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