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7 sustainable house designs you’ll love

sustainable house

A sustainable house is one that minimizes its impact on the environment where it’s built and inhabited, as well as taking advantage of all-natural resources found in that specific area.

From the beginning, these designs are purposely created to find housing solutions as sustainable as possible that meet the owner’s needs according to their likes and intentions of living a satisfactory life in their new place, but without damaging the environment and making efficient use of energy.

Today, Dream Home Builders and Remodelers is bringing you the best and most practical design ideas, so you can incorporate them into your sustainable housing project.



These are 7 design options that will help you achieve a more sustainable house



  1. Cantilever roof:

    This type of roof sticks out of the assembling, sometimes it’s even unsupported by it. Due to the way it extends horizontally, it keeps the sun’s rays blocked during summer, creating a pleasant temperature inside the house. It is important to remember that the location of the house is key in order to get all the benefits from current air and the sun.


  1. Sustainable houses with solar-powered heating systems:

    This type of heating system is placed on the roof of a house, and it can be actively operated by a pump or in a passive way without a pump. In this type of design, it is easily appreciated how valuable solar energy is, in addition to supporting how much we can save on fuels and other costly materials.


  1. Small sustainable houses:

    The larger the house the greater the expenses on building materials, not to mention the amount of energy required for its construction and the use of other natural resources. This all leads to a substantial impact on the environment which is why it is advised to build a small sustainable house without unnecessary spaces to make it more efficient.


  1. Sustainable houses with a functional insulating system:

    It is essential to use a functional insulating system in the construction of your sustainable house to keep its interior fully acclimatized. The efficiency of your sustainable house is dependent on the efficiency of its insulating system.


  1. Sustainable houses with rainwater harvesting systems: this design consists of making a rainwater collection system with tanks, or large plastic containers by placing pipes on the roof, extending directly into them.

Since this water doesn’t contain chlorine, it is perfect for watering and gardening in general. If you decide to install this type of system to mix it with the rest of the house piping, it can be useful for housework like cleaning, doing laundry, or doing the dishes. If purified, it can be consumed.


  1. Sustainable houses using functional designs and durable materials:

    Building a sustainable house doesn’t have to be unstable or unsafe, on the contrary, the right materials should be selected based on the location where the house is going to be built, and they have to be of great quality. 

The fact that those materials are recycled doesn’t mean they are faulty or nondurable. In the same way, the building methods and techniques used in the construction must guarantee its durability, functionality and always in line with the owner’s preferences.


  1. Sustainable houses built with local materials:

    As stated before, it is recommended to use materials that belong to the environment where you plan to build your house since this will avoid a greater consumption of energy and fewer expenses on transportation and workforce. For instance, if there’s brickwork nearby you could use bricks manufactured there, or if there’s a quarry you could choose to use stones from there. The same goes for recycled wood. The idea is to combine all these resources for your own benefit.



Choose the design you consider the most functional and that meets your requirements to start enjoying your sustainable house


The orientation of your sustainable house is key to harness all the natural resources available to you.

If you’re planning on building your sustainable house then perhaps, you’ll need some expert advice on the subject.

If you require our services, contact us. We have skilled personnel to make your dream house come true.

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