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5 facts about why lighting designs are important in your home building

lighting designs

When we’re planning on building our house or when we want to remodel our current one, we should keep in mind a set of important factors that will help us finish our project successfully. Besides paying special attention to aspects such as wall color for all different spaces and furniture allocation, we should also plan the lighting designs of our home.

This is an important detail that we should include in our plans from the very beginning instead of leaving it to the last minute (as we usually do) because the lighting isn’t simply about installing lights all over the place so we can perform daily tasks; it goes beyond that.

Lighting is about making spaces more appealing to the eye to increase the beauty and the functionality of the house construction in general.


Here are 5 facts about why planning lighting designs is important when it comes to building your house.


  1. Lighting enhances spaces, places and specific objects: this is why when we plan ahead we can use lighting to enhance details like for example:
  • In a bedroom, it is sought to further illuminate the part of the headboard of the bed.
  • In the dining room, we emphasize the table.
  • There are also walls where panels are embedded from top to bottom looking to dramatize that space …

Lighting plays a leading role in the construction of your home.

  1. Using the right lighting will make your house spaces more practical: this is one of the most important aspects since having a well-designed lighting pattern makes spaces more practical, more environmentally friendly and more lasting which in turn saves us some money.

Using energy-saving lamps is an excellent idea.

  1. Integrating natural light to your house building project will maximize its visual impact and will also minimize electricity expenses: having an excellent lighting design made by a specialist in that area allows the use of natural light in its entire splendor, which in addition to maximizing the visual impact it also minimizes energy costs.
  1. The transformation of spaces comes from lighting arrangements: it’s not just about having the appropriate lighting design since not all environments are for the same activity. For example, if you want to make your living room look higher the trick is to put lights pointing upwards, sometimes the way we place light on or near a wall counts as decoration and it even highlights its texture.

Yellow light is appropriate to give warmth to spaces; and white light is perfect for reading, for instance.

  1. Having a good distribution of luminosity is important for a good mood and even good health: lighting can affect the way we perceive our home. For example, a dimly lit house can make us feel nostalgic, sad, and even lonely; on the other hand, spaces with lots of light make us feel motivated and happy.

Colors come much more to life if the light is arranged in the right way.

As you can see, something very important when it comes to building your house or making changes to improve is to hire the services of qualified staff to make the lighting design. This should be the most appropriate to combine beauty, practicality and functionality in the overall project.

At Dream Home Builders & Remodelers we take lighting into account in your construction project. Contact us and we will advise you from the beginning.


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