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What is a pallet jack for? Types, and how to choose the right one

pallet jack

A pallet jack is a device used to move, lift and transfer merchandise from one warehouse or store to another.

This device is made up of a fork with two arms aligned in parallel and horizontally that are joined in a head or handle; likewise, a pallet jack allows you to save time and apply less strain when removing merchandise or moving it from one warehouse to another.

If you are thinking of acquiring a freight assistant for your business, Dream Home Builder and Remodeling has the best advice for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.


Learn about the types of pallet jack on the market and select the correct equipment for you


  • Manual or hydraulic pallet jack: it is a basic mechanism of wheels and bearings, which facilitates its movement on smooth or polished floors when being pulled or dragged by a person. It is perfect for small warehouses and occasional use, allowing it to perform its functions effectively under these conditions. This equipment uses human strength.


  • Electric pallet jacket: this one is designed to support manual pallet jacks for more intensive use, as well as to reduce the strain on the operator. It works with batteries and an electric motor.

There is a model with a handle that can be operated while standing up, and another model with supports or stirrups so that the operator can get on the machine and drive it while being seated.


How to choose the right pallet jack for you


It seems easy to choose a pallet truck, but it really is not. You have to evaluate some important aspects before making the decision.


  • Evaluate your space: if the space where you need to move your merchandise is small and the machine is going to be used few times, then a less expensive and efficient manual equipment is recommended for these functions.


  • Check the weight limit: evidently, the main reason why you might consider buying a mechanism to move and load merchandise is precisely the weight it can carry. Before choosing the equipment, be clear about the average amount of weight you move in your warehouse.

The greater the amount of weight and the times that you need to move it, the more powerful equipment you will need, in this case, an electric pallet jack.


  • Consider your budget: this is a very important and sensitive point that must be taken into account when selecting your equipment while still giving priority to other needs in your business.

An electric pallet truck is more expensive than a manual one, however, this investment translates into less effort, more work, and the lifting of a greater amount of weight, which in turn will achieve greater efficiency for your company.


Have you made a decision yet? Then you can already enjoy excellent equipment for your business.


We are happy to have given you some ideas regarding what to look for when buying a jack pallet.

Do not forget that we are available to advise you at all times. We have the right staff for you.

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