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What are the Different Types of Sustainable Homes according to Dream Home?

Sustainable houses

Sustainability has landed on the construction and remodeling industry as a fresh new start.

Sustainable houses have become a reality now. They are built with eco-friendly materials such as wood, raw bricks, straw, and recycled materials. In the same way, they are built to take advantage of natural resources, reducing the use of energy, and respecting the environment before, during, and after the construction.

To live harmoniously in a sustainable type of house it is necessary to reduce, recycle and reuse.

This time, Dream Home Builders and Remodelers, want to share with you their favorite sustainable houses.



Learn about the types of sustainable houses according to Dream Home



  1. Bioclimatic sustainable houses: these are built by using resources found in that specific environment with an intelligent design that makes all resources and climate factors benefit their inhabitants. The direction of the house in space plays a very important role here.


  1. Fully sustainable house: these houses avoid negatively impact the environment in the best possible way by saving energy and promoting recycling. The most used elements in these types of houses are solar panels and batteries.


  1. Sustainable houses with recycled materials: they are mainly built with waste materials such as plastic bottles filled with discarded tires, cans, plastics, etc. Houses made with recycled containers are also included here, among others.


       4. Brick sustainable houses: the sustainable construction industry keeps introducing new possibilities every day; for instance, more innovative sustainable houses are being built with bricks made of plastic.

 From the traditional clay brick, fired or unfired, we can obtain benefits like airflow and durability. They are also non-toxic, eco-friendly, and highly recyclable, as well as very strong.


  1. Wooden sustainable houses: sustainable houses made with wood are cheaper than those made with concrete or bricks. Also, this type of wood comes from a responsible felling of trees, making it a respectful option toward the environment; it utilizes less energy than a conventional house and it is insulating, which counts as a great energy saver.


  1. Straw sustainable houses: straw mixed with mud is a construction material that has been used since old times. However, it is currently on the rise since it is eco-friendly, nontoxic, and insulating.

A straw house can be easily built with a framework that can be made from wood, cane, or bamboo, and with bales of straw that can be combined with wood, lime, and others. It’s also very economic.


  1. Concrete sustainable houses: concrete is a resistant material that withstands harsh weather and the passage of time, it doesn’t crack and avoids humidity. It is successfully being used in prefabricated sustainable houses.


  1. Prefabricated sustainable houses: the greatest advantage of these houses is that they are easily installed and their transportation doesn’t take a lot of effort since they can be unfolded without any problem. They have acoustic and energy insulation, have a sanitary slab to avoid soil moisture and are super practical. All you need is a plot of land to install



You can have a sustainable house or can start adapting the one you already have to make it more sustainable


It is not a dream for the future, it is already possible to have a sustainable home, which translates into great energy savings, the minimization of environmental impact, and provides a better quality of life and comfort for the family.

Here, the location or orientation of the house comes into play for it to make the most of the necessary sunlight, water, and air acclimatization on its own.

This initiative shows that every day we, as human beings, commit ourselves a lot more to the care of our planet.

At Dream Home Builders and Remodelers we will gladly provide the necessary information to clarify your doubts, and if you want to start your sustainable project and need experts to develop it, we are here to help you.

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