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These are the 6 most innovative building materials of the moment

innovative building materials

Choosing the right building materials can determine the success or failure of a project, that is why at Dream Home Builders and Remodelers we only work with the best options.

As important as having the best materials, is having the right knowledge and a qualified team to guarantee the expected results. It’s the conjunction of these factors with technology that sets up the difference nowadays.

Today, many of the materials used in construction are not breaking news, are similar to those architects have been using since we can remember, but what is a novelty is the usage of resources and the effort for creating innovative buildings with amazing ideas.



Find out the 6 most innovative building materials of the moment


  1. Cooling bricks and ceramics

This type of bricks is the result of a combination of clay and hydrogel that creates a cooling effect inside buildings, also they can absorb water (up to 500 times its weight) and then release it to reduce the temperature of surfaces, which can be very helpful on hot days.

The hydroceramics are used in the interior of buildings and can be integrated into the cooling systems of other buildings to help with warm climates.


  1. Pollution absorbing bricks

Its innovative design can actually pull pollutants from the air and release filtered air which makes them an incredible alternative to be added to the building´s ventilation system. They work as a vacuum so they can separate the heavy air particles from the air and collect them in a removable hopper.


  1. Cross-laminated timber

It’s a form of wood that doesn’t require the burning of any fossil fuels during its construction.  It´s made by gluing together layers of solid sawn lumber; it’s very flexible in design and of fast production.


  1. Pigmented concrete

Concrete as well known as it is, when mixed with cement, gravel, water, and sand can result in colored mixtures. So apart from looking very good, it reduces the need for sealants and additional paints.


  1. Transparent wood

It’s an incredible alternative to traditional wood and plastic or glass. It´s eco-friendly and energy-efficient, which makes it a great alternative. During the process to achieve this result, the lignin is replaced with polymers to get this final transparent look.


  1. Modular bamboo

It´s an amazingly versatile construction material since it’s lightweight but stronger than steel, shapeable, and creates even earthquake-resistant buildings. In the past, architects didn’t see bamboo as a building alternative but only as decoration, but this belief is changing fastly.


Other innovative materials we see more frequently every day are aluminum foam, power generating glass, self-healing concrete, among others that surprise us every day for their high quality and benefits to build great structures, modern and beautiful at the eye.

At Dream Home Builders & remodelers we believe in new technologies, new materials and that’s why we always keep updated with trends to offer the best alternatives to our customers.

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