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The 7 Top Interior Design Trends for 2021

interior design trends

2021 has arrived, and along with it, the need for a total renovation in hopes of leaving behind everything that made the world tremble in 2020 as we patiently and decidedly wait for what’s to come.

Being isolated at home the whole year due to the pandemic has made people revaluate each space of it more than ever. Are you wondering how to improve the interior of your house so you can feel more comfortable and cozy?

The new normal demands us to spend a lot of time inside our houses; this is why we want to show you some interesting interior design options that will be trending this year and that will also help you get inspired to start your home renovations and make it the perfect place for you.


7 interior design trends for 2021


Interior design has changed with time and circumstances. As human beings, we are always adapting to changes, and this is precisely what the next decoration trends are all about.


  1. Integral home: it is ideal to decorate your house to make it not only your home but also to serve as your office, your entertainment area, or your exercise zone.

Current interior design ideas will be focusing on delimiting different sections of your house in an open space to allow the performance of each one of your activities comfortably without having to go out.


  1. Home office: since the health emergency started, many people have been working from home. During 2020, any corner of the house worked fine for this activity, but in 2021 a space with an appealing design that transmits calmness and gives you the privacy to achieve an appropriate environment for work is a necessity.

You’ll obtain significant results by painting it differently than the rest of the house, installing a new lamp or some drawers where you can keep your documents or stationery.


  1. A specific place for virtual reunions: at present time, the majority of jobs must work through these much-needed videoconferences, so naturally decorating a specific part of the house for this purpose is a must. For such places, optimal lighting is key, as well as striking paints or interesting colors. You can also include plants.


  1. Comfort comes first: this is the premise for 2021 when it comes to house rooms. Elaborated or over the top designs will no longer be an option since comfortable furniture made with soft and cozy fabrics will be trending.

The most demanded furniture models will be the ones with round shapes and with functional and durable upholstery. People will now tend to decorate with the main purpose of feeling comfortable and relaxed rather than seeing a pretty room.


  1. Farewell to open concepts: given the necessity of having a multifunctional home, new design trends are currently focusing on spaces clearly defined for specific purposes.

An open design isn’t as favorable as before because it minimizes privacy besides dealing with the inconvenience of loud noises for certain activities. The idea now is to switch from one environment to another to do something totally different in the same house.


  1. The transition between interior and exterior: spending so much time at home and also working from there is driving people to combine these two aspects in one design.

The main idea is to bring some elements from the garden into the house: flowers, plants, etc., as well as decorating with light furniture that is easy to take outside again when needed.


  1. Busy kitchens: the kitchen design of a house is and has always been fundamental. However, in 2021, each family’s priority is getting a design that allows them to have a functional kitchen where they can gather and make food together, besides perfect space for storage.


Do you like any of these design ideas? You can apply them!


Start planning your time and get ready to make your perfect house dream come true, choose a design, and seek advice.

If you require professional services to develop your project do not hesitate and contact us. At Dream Homes Builders and Remodelers, we will be pleased to assist you.

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