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Remodeling your bathroom and kitchen: Give a new look to the busiest places in your home with DHB

It is undoubtedly that both the bathroom and the kitchen are the most important, most visited, most inspected and busiest places in a house.

Today, each space of the house is used and appreciated differently due to the new normal, so besides looking for aesthetic appeal, it is also required that they are highly functional, guarantee durability, and provide beauty and quality with the perfect distribution.

Dream Home Builders and Remodelers is a remodeling company with over 20 years of experience in the market. We want to inspire you to remodel your spaces to make them modern, comfortable, and functional.



4 options that will give your kitchen that new look you’re looking for



  1. An open concept is beautiful and practical: since we’re staying for longer periods at home, having a kitchen from where you can monitor what goes on around the house becomes necessary. Being able to move freely makes it cozier and more interesting.


  1. Set the goal of having a modern kitchen: a sophisticated, sparkling kitchen with innovative appliances made of stainless steel and distributed in straight lines provides an incredible view, and it also facilitates its maintenance.


  1. Design your kitchen according to the available space: a kitchen has a key component to being functional and practical, which is an imaginary triangle that links the storage area, the stove, and the sink.

Its shape varies from linear to L, parallel, U, G, among others. Your personalized design is unique and will depend on your space availability.


  1. Lighting plays a leading role: keep in mind that renovating your kitchen allows you to improve it in every way. Installing enough lighting will make it look luxurious and work better. 

Putting in a window will let in natural light during the day. Likewise, light colors will give your new kitchen a greater feeling of spaciousness and comfort.


3 specific things that can renew the look of your bathroom


  1. Change the bathtub for a shower with transparent doors: remodeling the bathroom implies looking for comfort but also space. If you have an old bathtub now is the perfect time to make a change and install a modern shower with a large head. And, if you add glass doors you will create the impression of greater spaciousness and the appearance of extraordinary modernity.




  1. Use bathroom pieces in sync with the shape and color of the shelves, storage areas, and in combination with the faucets: to modernize a bathroom the preferred shapes are angular, square, or rectangular.

The idea is to always harmonize the entire room to make it look impressive and that the bathroom feels sumptuous.

Tiles in 3D or horizontally distributed are trends that you should take into account.


  1. Modern colors and finishes coupled with a good distribution: neutral tones remain as color options, but at the same time some strong contrasts come into play at least on one wall, for example, black and white; you can choose according to the decoration of your home. In the same way, there are different types of finishes: wood, metals, wrought iron, stone, etc., which are beautifully enhanced by excellent lighting and an unbeatable distribution of each piece.


Do you need specialized help to start your renovation project?


Since these two places in your home are the center of attention and you have decided to give them a new face, contact us, we will gladly accompany you to achieve that dream.

Dream Home Builders and Remodelers is the experienced general contractor that will guide you before, during, and after the execution of your project, guaranteeing you an excellent result. 🙂

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