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Learn about 3 ways to remodel your home with luxurious materials that are compatible with the new normal

luxurious materials

The time of confinement in which we are currently living and the new normal has awakened in everyone the desire to adjust their homes to the new needs of the family.

One of the things that worry homeowners – who want to remodel and transform their houses to make them suitable for this reality – is precisely how to achieve synergy between the luxurious materials that are being used for the remodeling and their functionality concerning the new normal.

The idea is to think of materials that are very easy to clean, that are durable and resistant without losing elegance and good taste. 


3 ideas that will help you clear your doubts about remodeling with luxurious materials.



1.       Use materials that contribute with the greatest care of personal safety:


 The designs have been changing towards the trend of using highly durable materials that are quick to clean and that help the overall concept to look more spacious and well lit. Floors, walls, and countertops with smooth surfaces such as marble, granite, and many others are among the easiest to clean.

Likewise, the use of large windows that help air circulate and contribute to the health of the family is important and, if possible, made with metallic materials and smooth glassware to be washed frequently.

To create harmony and look after our mental health it is recommended to use pastel colors, ergonomic furniture in washable materials that are comfortable with smooth surfaces. It is also advisable to install not too bright, dimmed lighting for the different bedrooms in the house, and finally to reduce as much noise as possible.


2.       Remodel your place focused on the technological aspect:


Transforming the traditional home into a more technological environment so that it adapts to the new way of working; also involves the need for office furniture such as chairs and desks that offer comfort for long working hours.

Installing state-of-the-art lights to enhance a suitable place for calls and video conferences if applicable is necessary, as well as the installation of functional, durable, and appropriate electrical outlets and cables for electronic equipment in operation.

The most recommended materials for a more technological home are large tiles for floors, quartz coatings in the kitchen and bathroom, micro cement, porcelain flooring, among others (all easy to clean).


3.      Consider multifunctional and shared spaces:


The new normal has changed the concept of family gatherings since we have a totally shared space now. This is because, suddenly, the house has become a center of operations. You work, study, and share with the whole family from home.

What materials should be used to remodel the house under these premises? Well, for obvious reasons, any material used must be of the highest quality to be functional and durable. For example, furniture and desks with easy-to-clean finishes, washable fabric curtains, wooden floors, granite, and marble that reflects cleanliness, clarity, and elegance, in addition to offering maximum spaciousness.

Folding desks are preferable, as well as wood or metal lamps that separate one environment from another to be used as an office. Also, automated toilets for ease of use and hygiene, and motion sensors for light. 

Now that you have some ideas to develop your remodeling project, it is best to consult with professionals so that you can walk firmly towards the achievement of a cozy, elegant home that is perfectly geared to the new way of living.

In Dream Home Builders and Remodelers we are more than ready to help you on your project!

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