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How the construction materials industry has been affected by the coronavirus

construction materials industry

Coronavirus has caused multiple changes on all levels, and the raw materials industry in construction has been heavily affected.

There’s no doubt that building materials prices have considerably increased due to the pandemic which has left the whole sector experiencing a substantial drop in their supply chain.

Despite this situation, we are hoping that those changes find a way to start responding to the new normal.


These are some of the covid-19 long term effects in the construction materials industry


  • Increase in residential construction costs: current trends show that the availability in stock for houses for sale after the first trimester of 2020, specifically in June, had a slight increase of 1.3% over May of the same year. However, in comparison to June 2019, those levels dropped by 18.2% and haven’t been able to go up again.


  • Remodelling plans have been affected: even with people spending most of their time at home due to social distancing – which has given a little rise to the percentage of home renovations and improvements – the truth is that for 2021 percentage of these two factors are expected to be seriously compromised.

The changes occurring in the building materials industry caused by the health emergency have resulted in the closure and restrictions of major supply companies, allowing an important surge in small retailer businesses and thus making materials exceedingly costly.


  • Seasonal change: it is widely known that the raw material business in construction is influenced by the weather. During the months of high season, consisting of April, May, June, July, August, September, and October, sales go up to 70 and 80% while the rest of the months sales decrease a bit.

The new challenge now is to face the disruption suffered by construction materials suppliers caused by closures, restrictions, and safety protocols due to Covid-19.


  • Ranking recoveries: the circumstances in which this type of inventory recoveries happens are closely related to their ups and downs and their future sales.

Today, it’s expected to be evaluated carefully before carrying them out, since these recovered construction materials end up in the hands of retailers or contractors currently working on projects, a job that used to depend on wholesalers. The dynamic is changing, causing higher prices and costs. 


Nevertheless, people are betting on the total recovery of the construction materials industry


Let’s not forget that what pushes forward the construction materials industry is house building activity. This is why it is uncertain how this sector will respond to the current health emergency. However, we believe there won’t be significant downs in this industry, perhaps delays in some deliveries.

Currently, it’s the perfect opportunity to search for all the positive things that 2021 is bringing for the manufacture of construction materials, and also for you to start the improvements you have discovered your house needs during the quarantine.

At Dream Home Builders and Remodelers, we are trained to advise you on all your construction and remodeling projects. Contact us! We’ll do this together!

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