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Everything you need to know about home remodeling during Covid-19 pandemic

home remodeling during Covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) has undoubtedly halted the productivity of non-essential economic sectors around the world, including construction and everything related to it.

Charlotte, North Carolina, is no exception to this reality. Nevertheless, if you had plans to renovate your house it is still possible to accomplish them, but this time they’ll have to be reevaluated and then adapted to the current situation. We’re witnessing tough times!

At Dream Home Builders and Remodelers, we have skilled personnel willing to advise you on everything you need to kick off your construction or renovation plans, going from its restructuration, if necessary, to taking preventive measures against Covid-19.


Learn about the potential case scenarios that you might eventually have to deal with when doing home remodeling during Covid-19 pandemic


  1. If your remodeling is set to start shortly: at this point, you were in the design phase, had established a budget, and you were getting ready to start the remodeling when the pandemic began; suddenly, you stumble upon drastic changes you did not expect while other considerable circumstances arise.

There’s a silver lining to this situation since there is no pressure to finish something that was still on hold. Now, you can reevaluate your project and adapt it to the health emergency requirements. You need to:

  • Find the support of a private construction company that manages the necessary permits as quickly and efficiently as possible and advises you on new security protocols. You won’t need to search a lot, due to we have it all to help you succeed with your project 😊
  • Restructure your project and adjust to the new normal.


  1. If your renovation is ready to start immediately: if the design phase is already nearing completion and only waiting to be executed, we have good news for you. Even with the pandemic in progress, the initial phases of the project are easy to handle because private companies are more agile in solving procedures and adapting to the health crisis. Take the following tips into account:
  • Relax and leave your project in the hands of the experts.
  • Adjust your budget to expenses associated with proper health care due to the pandemic.


  1. If your remodeling is in progress: the only option is to continue with it but taking the necessary precautions related to the pandemic. For instance: 
  • Purchase materials from stores that offer home delivery.
  • Ask your remodeling company for advice on the safety measures and protocols that need to be taken against Covid-19
  • Confinement will allow you to check your remodeling work progress at all times.

As we mentioned before, something we have against home remodeling in pandemic times is the probability of having to stop all works for reasons like difficulty in finding readily available materials, mandatory confinements, and pauses on the construction sector.

It is possible to see an increase in materials costs as well as in Covid-19 protection protocols expenses.


 The world is changing but your home is still your shelter now more than ever


We’re living something we never imagined would happen in this era: being on lockdown in our own houses to protect ourselves from a fatal virus. It feels as though we were in a Netflix movie, but no, this is real life.

We have to work from home, spend a lot of time with our families and take advantage of our free time to create the perfect home renovation plan so when the time comes it can be perfectly executed.

If you have decided to go ahead with your home remodeling or want to start it now, contact us.

At Dream Home Builders and Remodelers, we are experts in construction and remodeling. Our company complies with all the security protocols for Covid-19 and we adapt to the new normal.

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