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Dream home kitchen island: a must or not?

kitchen island

The kitchen is generally one of the most essential spaces in a house. As we’ve said before, a great part of family activities is managed from this place, which also makes it the preferred spot for gatherings and constant interaction.

A kitchen island is undoubtedly that space that allows you to interact with others by creating a dynamic and functional environment, facilitating the movement of several people at the same time without generating major chaos.

For this reason, having a kitchen island has become a must. It is important to us to help you make a decision.


Here are some reasons to get a dream home kitchen island


Having an island in the kitchen means gaining a multipurpose space that besides beautifying it, also gives it a sophisticated and modern look.


  • It makes the kitchen more practical and functional: circulation and cooking become easier, in addition to having access to all utensils comfortably.


  • More storage space: there are many island models, so choosing one with storage space will increase the one you already possess in your kitchen.


  • It counts as an additional countertop where you can prepare meals and eat at the same time with the family: an island in the kitchen is an integrating element in every aspect since you’ll still be in contact with everyone in the kitchen whether they’re helping you cook or not.

Adding adequate chairs will turn it into a space where the family can sit down and eat together. Additionally, you can have reunions to prepare wonderful recipes.


  • It’s an extra working space: kids can do their homework here while being supervised by adults, and it works perfectly as a desk for work, making it a multipurpose area.


  • It’s a decorative element that beautifies and modernizes the kitchen: having an island never goes out of style. Today, we can find them in round and rectangular shapes, modern or traditional, but always offering different possibilities for adapting them to your home to achieve a striking look.


  • It delimits the kitchen space in open spaces: it is the perfect separation spot between the kitchen and the rest of the house, adding comfort, beauty, and modern sophistication.



When is it not advisable to install a kitchen island?


Although they’re only a few, there are still some cons you should consider before installing an island in your kitchen, such as:


  • Kitchen size: if your kitchen is considerably small, installing an island might not be advisable since it could make you feel overwhelmed and it would lose its functionality.


  • Connections location: if the intention is to install a sink or even burners, then you will need a lot of lightning and a very powerful hood to handle odors and airborne grease inside the house. In the same way, gas, light, and water connections will need to be moved which will generate more expenses.


  • Most of them are fixed to the floor, so consider it’ll be permanent: if removing your kitchen island is in your future plans then uninstalling it would produce extra costs. It is best to give it a lot of thought before deciding to get one and search for expert advice before making a final decision.



If you have decided to install a kitchen island, take a look at these facts and get inspired!


According to Houzz, 55% of owners renovating their kitchens decide to install an island or improve an existing one, 38% opt for removing it and a 7% minority chooses to keep the one they already have.

Also, 98% of those who make improvements to their islands create more storage space where drawers or cabinet doors predominate, while a minority go for open shelves.

In terms of shape and style, out of the owners doing renovations 81% select rectangular or square islands, 7% prefer L-shaped islands, and only 6% choose U-shaped islands.

In the same way, 39% of owners choose the height of the island between 6 and 7 feet, 34% choose higher than 7 feet, and only 27% choose lower than 6 feet in height.

At Dream Home Builders and Remodelers, we’re ready to support you with your remodeling project.

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