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Designing Your Charlotte Bathroom Remodel

Designing Your Charlotte Bathroom Remodel

Designing your Charlotte bathroom remodel towards spa or functionality can be tricky. A bathroom isn’t traditionally the largest room in a house, but it has gained more emphasis in the recent years. This is because we wish for our bathrooms to be more of a haven where we can relax. And we’re specially talking about master bathrooms here.

Most homeowners, including parents, are always stressed with responsibilities; it goes without saying that life is too hectic. This is why many homeowners look at their bedroom suite as a place where they can get away from the world. This is where their master bathroom comes in, which is supposed to offer them the exact same treatment as a personal mini-spa.

Things to Do to Make Your Bathroom More Functional and Spacious

First things first: here are a few things you can do to maximize space in your master bathroom and add that spa-like appeal to it. Consider:

  • Building ceiling-height storage cabinets to make use of wall space
  • Removing large, clunky furniture and replacing it with stylish space-saving pieces
  • Removing the large garden tub (we’ll tell you what to do with this below)
  • Removing the linen closet and replacing that storage with hidden storage options
  • Removing the shower stall and opting for a more modern design
  • Utilizing unused corners for storage

Remodeling Your Bathroom to Be a Spa

Here are some things you can try to convert your bathroom into a spa of your own:

New Tiles

Take out your existing tile and replace it with a more natural looking one. Most people go for an earthy-looking tile when going for a spa appearance. You might want to remember that your choice of flooring sets the tone for the rest of the bathroom.

A New Toilet style

Choose a toilet in a style that goes along with the feel of your spa. You can go for a varied range of options, including toilets with water-saver, built-in handles, and built-in bidets. This one is completely yours as you get to choose what you want as per your personal preference.

A New Bathtub

Bathtubs these days also offer a wide range of options. You can choose your new bathtub as per your routine usage; in case you hardly ever use the tub and wouldn’t consider using up more space by purchasing a new one, skip that and do something with the shower area.

An Open Shower

Shower stalls that are blocked in with a shower curtain or ones with four walls are definitely quite claustrophobic. Instead, you can get an open shower that won’t keep you feeling so trapped. A rainfall shower head on the ceiling will provide a feeling of being connected with nature. Shower-sauna options are available for those who wish to include a sauna in the master bath.

There are several options for you to explore in case you wish to turn your bathroom into a spa. It’s up to you how you wish to experiment with them!

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