Charlotte Home Additions

Need More Room in Your Charlotte Home?

Need a little more room for your growing Charlotte family? Are you dreaming of a master suite on the main floor? Adding square footage to your existing home and property is an economical way to accomplish your family requirements without the expenses moving. Contact us for all your Charlotte home additions needs!

As with any successful construction project, the key to success is proper external and internal design and planning. To make the seamless transition from the old structure to the new is critical in most additions today. Matching exterior materials is often challenging due to sun exposure and weather conditions in the area.

During the Design Build process, we will canvas local material suppliers to find the best possible match for you to approve prior to the start of construction

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5 best country house designs for vacationing

5 best country house designs for vacationing

The idea of owning a country house for vacationing is, without a doubt, a dream that many people would love to make come true. Imagine having a country-style house with a striking design, pleasant to look at and relaxing where you can enjoy the holidays with family...

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