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Dream Homes Can Add a Garage

As a Charlotte garage builder and car enthusiast, we understand the importance of having the dedicated space to store and service your vehicles at home. If you collect vintage or classic automobiles there is always odds and ends that needs to be addressed. That perfect place would be your new garage with conditioned air, insulated walls and plenty of lighting.

The most significant addition to the car enthusiast garage is the emergence of the mini-split AC / Heat Pump. These ductless units have the ability to cool and heat open spaces up to 2,000 square feet. Because they are ductless they are easy and more economical to install.

For most car enthusiasts a new garage to house their most cherished possessions often completes their collector wish list. Will the new garage require enough headroom for a car lift? Are you planning to add more cars to your collection? Whatever your need is for more garage space we can assist you from start to finish. Gratification usually results in the owner clicking the remote on the garage door opener, getting in, starting the car and driving away. It may sound petty, but if you have to move another car or remove a car cover or relocate your children’s bikes you are less likely to drive the car. Open, get in, start and Go!

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