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Most of the Charlotte bathroom remodeling projects we encounter include the removal of those bright brass plumbing fixtures that were once so popular 10 years. In combination with old tile and outdated materials this provides homeowners the incentive to tear out and replace with new updated materials.

One issue that continues to pop up during these Charlotte bathroom remodeling projects concerns the bathtub areas in master bathrooms. The bathtub is often used far less than the shower enclosure which often means the tub has remained in good shape over time. Since the tub remains in good condition homeowners often choose to keep the tub and replace the plumbing fixtures, drains and overflow. This can be easily done unless…

You have the Jacuzzi Water Rainbow tub filler once a very popular fixture. For many years you could get replacement knobs and faucet covers in a different finish such as chrome or satin nickel. But recently Jacuzzi has stopped making replacement parts for this faucet which means the homeowner is faced with a difficult decision. Replace the tub with new one or patch the holes from the previous faucet.

Because the installation of the Water Rainbow requires 5 holes to be drilled in the edge of the tub in most instances (1 Hot Handle, 1 Cold Handle, 1 Water Source, 2 Screws – Item 7 in diagram below) using a different tub filler is often not a solution. The hot and cold handles and water source are not the issue as they are easily covered. The issue relates to the two screws used to secure the Water Rainbow to the tub. Most current replacement tub fillers don’t cover these screws.

The two solutions mentioned previously is tub replacement or patch the holes. Tub replacement can cost from $1,2oo to $5,000 depending on what tub you use to replace the existing tub with. Patching the holes can work out well sometimes and cost considerably less $500. Although special service contractors can often repair chips in porcelain, scratches in fiberglass and other materials but due to age and exposure to uv rays the patches at times don’t always look the very best.

In recent projects we have had some patches where you could not even tell a patch was used. But others you could tell but you had to be looking for it. Ideally a patch should be considered if your tub filler is on the other side of the tub from where you would enter the tub. The chances of guests or future potential buyers of noticing the patch is less likely.

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Otto W. Anderson
Licensed NC Building Contractor
Certified Green Home Builder

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