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Converting a Garage in Charlotte: Is It a Good Idea?

Is converting a garage in Charlotte a good idea? There could be a numerous reasons for wanting more living space in your house. Maybe your children are growing up, or your parents are coming to stay with you. But whatever the case may be, making use of your attic or...

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Charlotte Garage: Functional or Storage Space?

Is a Charlotte garage better used as functional or storage space? Garages, apart from being, well, garages - the place where we park our cars when not in use - are commonly used as the dumping ground of the house. Anything the family doesn’t immediately need, gets...

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Do Garage Remodels in Charlotte Recoup Their Cost?

Do garage remodels in Charlotte recoup their cost? Putting money into the house, whether it is for a remodel, or an additional room, is a kind of investment for the owner. There’s always the question of whether they’ll be able to recoup the cost when the house goes on...

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Home Remodeling and Renovations in Charlotte: Cost vs. Value

Home remodeling and renovations in Charlotte for specific areas of any single family home is a great way for homeowners to get more beauty and functionality from their property at the expense of someone else’s money. By remodeling yourself many owners can enjoy those...

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Tile and Back Splash Ideas for Charlotte Bathroom Remodeling

Tile and Back Splash Ideas for Charlotte Bathroom Remodeling   Tile and Back Splash Ideas for Your Charlotte Bathroom Remodeling.  Adding a new tile back splash is the ideal method for rejuvenating your bathroom without making any major amendments. The best thing...

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Designing Your Charlotte Bathroom Remodel

Designing your Charlotte bathroom remodel towards spa or functionality can be tricky. A bathroom isn’t traditionally the largest room in a house, but it has gained more emphasis in the recent years. This is because we wish for our bathrooms to be more of a haven where...

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