Charlotte, North Carolina is the home to NASCAR, that must tell you about how much we love the speed and adrenaline at the city, and this is present on every aspect of our life. As much as we love the speed of sports, we also like to count on helping hands when a job needs to be done.

At Dream Home Builders and Remodelers we keep this promise with our clients, we don´t hesitate to deliver just what they need, the way they need and by the time they want.

In the recent past years, Charlotte and the surrounding cities had continued to grow and attract people from the northern United States, this is fabulous because it keeps us updated with trends and ideas.


7 home remodel ideas for your new home in Charlotte, NC


Remodeling doesn´t escape from this global treatment so catch up this home remodel ideas if you are getting a new home in the city.

1.- Repaint: it’s a simple but effective idea, it’s one of the most affordable home improvements ideas and it’s a great way to start. Make sure your colors go with your style and furniture.

2.- Bathroom improvements: the first thing you need to check is the functionality of all the elements in the place, if everything works just fine you can keep on thinking about changing the sink and toilet, or even the doors and fixtures, also add a warmer light, it never fails. Make sure it´s comfortable and functional.

3.- A kitchen makeover: most people believe that the kitchen is the heart of every home, it’s the perfect place to spend time with family and friends while sharing some food. Think about easy improvements like painting the place, replacing old appliances with new and more energy efficient ones, adding some cabinets and more!

4.- The basement: forget about using this space to store a lot of useless things. Think about turning it into an entertainment room or another bedroom.

5.- Have a deck in your backyard: you´ll have a place to relax, receive friends, and enjoy beautiful sunny days. Be sure you hire only the best to do this job so your deck stands up for many years as new.

6.- Think about your windows: it affects the total look of your house. This is not only about appearance – if you think through this wisely – you can improve the energy efficiency of your home.

7.-The little details: never forget the basic updates you can do like fixing the roof when it leaks, deep cleaning and organizing strategy, replacing woods that rot and more, but having the right maintenance is the key.

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