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7 essential bathroom upgrades for this 2020

bathroom upgrades

The first trimester of 2020 is almost over and we are still looking for trends and essential upgrades to achieve your dream home in Charlotte, especially when it is about the main spaces of the house: bathroom and kitchen.

At Dream Home Builders and Remodelers, we enjoy to search and dig into the amazing world of fashion related to your home, we are constantly looking for information and seeking in the market new alternatives to offer to our clients.

Furthermore, that is what makes our job fun, the adventure of creating new and exciting spaces to make every home remarkable.


Find out the ranking 7 essential bathroom upgrades for this 2020


1.        Open elements


The addition of open showers is no longer reserved for small spaces, this trend is getting more and more popular even in houses that have the clearance for tubs, it allows to save some space and to add a minimalistic and modern design.


2.        Standalone features


When it comes to tubs and sinks, one of the most luxurious choices is a standalone one. This trend is surely taking off and is not so hard to adapt this remodel idea to almost any kind of structure whether it is a small o big one.


3.        Pink is here to stay


This very millennial color has captured the attention and love of many, even to use this as a new nude color in home decoration and remodeling. This soft color enhances the focus on other features making them stand out more.


4.        Black as the new grey


Besides the huge popularity of grey as the king in decoration and remodeling in the past few years, 2020 trends have got bolder with darker colors, especially with matte finishes. They can be added in mirrors, vanities, and other fixtures.


5.        Natural elements and patterns


The use of plants and other natural elements is a trend for this year, this is an elegant way to include color and liveliness to these spaces. Then, if you add some bold tile patterns you will get the bathroom of your dreams! Try with different textures and colors to achieve a chic look.


6.        Smart spaces


Technology is everywhere and one trend of the year is to get a high-tech upgrade even for bathrooms. Seat warmers, adjustable air dryers, automatic lid openers, are only a few of the many options available. As a plus, we are now in the presence of other features such as automatic sinks, smart showers, lights and mirrors, voice-activated features and even mini-fridges in these spaces.


7.        Heating systems


No more stepping on frigid cold floors, with the heated bathroom floors this is in the past. So, this is a very popular trend this year and not only for bathrooms but for the entire house.

So, as you may see is all about daring to try new options and having the right team beside you, to develop the home of your dreams.


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