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7 Different Types of Roof Materials

different types of roof materials

Commonly, our clients ask us about the different types of roof materials and which are the bests recommended for their house. As we know, a roof is the upper part of a building or house that protects the interior of them from the impact of the environment and the weather. This, at the same time, is the part that is exposed to the inclemency of both the sun and the rain and wears out with time.

This is why roofs are made of different materials resistant to climatic factors that offer the greatest durability and at the same time also guarantee the greatest possible functionality, depending of course on the type of house or building and the area where it is located.

The shapes of the roofs go according to the architecture of the work and also to the economic disposition to acquire the suitable materials for that purpose.

Learn about the 7 different types of roofs materials


  1. Steel roofing sheet: it is made of polished and galvanized steel. This type of roof insulates the sun’s rays, it’s durable, easy to install, it has many advantages and it’s easy to get. It is one of the most used and comes in various sizes and colors to facilitate its use.
  1. Wood: it is one of the most economical types of roofing but it is very durable and strong. In addition to looking natural, it offers beauty and comfort; it is warm to the eye and functional in houses, terraces, buildings, etc.
  1. Green roof: this innovative and ecological alternative is an interesting option. It consists of placing a garden on the roof, literally. It is a cover of vegetation placed in a waterproof material and includes other layers for drainage and irrigation. To install them, a specialist should be consulted, taking into account the structure and height of the house
  1. Metal shingles: it also comes in sheets; they are light which facilitates their installation, it is a durable roof and very resistant to climate. It has a lot of resistance to corrosion and it’s a great option for repairings and construction in general.
  1. Corrugated sheets: this type of roof is functional, durable and resistant to environmental wear. They are made of sheet fiber cement and they are economical, easy to install, very versatile and adaptable.
  1. Slate tiles: these tiles are resistant to both cold and heat, have high durability, resist the attack of fungi, microorganisms or any plague, they’re easy to install, it favors the aesthetic part and guarantee many years of perfect operation without any type of maintenance. They come in different models and give you the advantage of placing roofs in different shapes.
  1. Concrete: reinforced concrete is a very good option when manufacturing a roof; it is resistant, rigid and insulating. It adapts to different designs, climates and places.

Today, there is a wide variety of roofing materials. If you are looking for options to either remodel or manufacture, then you must choose the one that best suits your design, the climate of the region, and your economic possibilities to acquire any of these materials. Also, take into account the aesthetic part of the construction.

For the house of your dreams, at Dream Home Builders and Remodelers we advise you on the most appropriate type of roof for your place.

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