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7 advantages of building automation systems

building automation systems

A building automation system is an innovative technology used to exert control over the management of a building through a system to achieve better performance.

Basic services such as water, electricity, maintenance of elevators, and air conditioning, are synchronized and controlled by sensors to have simple and fast handling of any eventuality.

Learn a little bit more about this topic from Dream Home Builders and Remodelers. We’ll show you specific information about automated systems and their main benefits.



Get to know about the main advantages of building automation systems



  1. More efficient buildings: the network of systems and sensors that comprise an automated building system optimizes all its driving processes, but its maximum efficiency is energy management.


  1. Buildings with less energy consumption: buildings equipped with this technology definitely perceive great savings from making the correct use of energy, recycling and reusing water, using the greatest amount of sunlight


  1. Buildings easier to maintain: an automated system works in a building detecting possible breakdowns or failures even before they occur since the system recognizes each part and component, including its performance. It can correct and prevent eventualities, making maintenance management easier.


      4. Buildings that are easy to supervise and audit: an automated building system allows to have in real-time all the exact analysis data on each of the services of said building, which makes it easier to know the specific state of the building and apply what is necessary to control each one of them in a synchronized way from lighting, access, and climate to garbage collection, etc.


  1. Ecological buildings: an intelligent building is created from its inception to contribute to preserving the environment due to the way it works. They save energy and produce less CO2 than traditional buildings, which is a great contribution to environmental preservation.


  1. Safe buildings: among the many sensors that exist in these smart buildings some detect fires and alert firefighters immediately, control entry and exit, catch possible intruders, manage the amount of energy and water consumption and the operation of the elevators efficiently, providing the entire building a higher quality of life and safety.


  1. Smart buildings with high connectivity: not only is there an integrated automated system that controls all operations, but it also facilitates the connection of its inhabitants for a greater sum of common benefits and interaction.


Building smart buildings for the immediate future


The construction of smart buildings is a booming market and is nothing more than building with elements that allow control over safety, heat, cold, energy consumption, water recycling, among many other benefits.

Having a controlled environment in favor of excellent quality of life without compromising the environment is everyone’s dream.

At Dream Home Builders and Remodelers we make your dream house make come true 😉

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