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6 incredible wearables that are positively impacting the construction industry

construction industry wearables

A wearable is a type of clothing that you can wear on different occasions.

In the world of construction, these wearables are smart devices integrated into clothing as accessories that reduce unproductive time, increase performance and production, and prevent workplace hazards.

Today, at Dream Home Builders and Remodelers we want to take you through the main mechanisms that the construction industry is using and its great contribution to this sector.


These are the 6 wearables that are transforming the construction sector 


Safety on every construction site is the priority for every construction company.


  1. Smart safety helmets: these helmets have sensor tapes incorporated in their lower part which allows the measurement of brain waves and warns of micro-dreams, thus preventing any risk on time. This wearable also measures vital signs to register fatigue or the need for rest, as well as the proximity of collision threat, facilitating the free movement of personnel.


  1. Augmented reality smart glasses: this technology shows the worker crucial information in real-time as they move around the job site, avoiding falls, injuries, accidents, and deaths. These glasses allow the worker to have their eyes safe from the use of hazardous materials, and something even more innovative that they offer is access to signaling on the construction site in real-time.


3. Smart safety vests: it is the usual vest, but now incredibly improved. It has been fitted with a GPS location, an emergency alert system, and other sensors that allow the precise location of resources and sectors of the worksite.


  1. Smart gloves: these gloves are equipped with a scanner and screen to streamline the processes of handling, classification, and placement, of materials to reduce work time. Productivity and efficiency!


  1. Smart boots: the devices that are incorporated into these boots range from GPS, security light, and Wi-Fi to motion sensors. These allow greater performance when moving on site. Likewise, resources are used more since they are located very quickly.

On the other hand, one of the most interesting and innovative facts about these boots is that they are automatically charged with the energy they produce when walking.


  1. The exoskeletons: this is one of the most innovative, surprising, and at the same time one of the most advanced technologies that is generating a lot of expectations. These machines add both muscular and skeletal support to the operator, allowing them to lift, carry and move much more weight and volume without suffering injuries or accidents. It is without a doubt a revolutionary tool in the construction industry.


The use of wearables optimizes safety and efficiency on any construction site


As you can see, wearables are inspired by the usual security elements but improved to maximize performance, reduce risks and take a great leap into the immediate future.

According to Global Data, it is anticipated that changes in the workforce will drive the use of these items. The wearables market is expected to go from $ 23 billion in 2018 to $ 54 billion in 2023.

At Dream Home Builders and Remodelers, we’re trained to advise you on this matter. Contact us!

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