As you may have seen for sure, every year brings new trends for everything in our life, home design is not an exception. It’s midyear and we are still discovering trends and ideas on this matter. This time we’ll talk about 6 home design trends for Charlotte, North Carolina.

You better keep updated with the latest ideas and home design patterns to ensure your house is very trendy!

Now, let´s talk about some trends for this year in the months to come, pick your favorite one and find the perfect mix to make your house more than that: a home.


6 home design trends for Charlotte, NC in 2019


  1. Color palettes: it’s okay to dare and add color to your spaces, if you choose the right combination you´ll see how it helps in making places look more spacious and less overwhelming. This is a great way to improve decoration efforts and also helps in refreshing existing elements at your place.
  1. Still black and white: this classic is never old so keep in mind a simple and easy mix to add balance to your spaces with this timeless trend, and not only when it comes to decoration, it´s a rule for life!
  1. Nature in patterns: adding floral patterns is never off fashion, this trend will help you on getting spaces refreshed so be prepared to see exaggerated proportions and wise use of colors.
  1. Geometric works too: like the previous trend, this year we´ll see a lot of geometric patterns to create more artistic pieces, especially in an oversized way and with very powerful colors.
  1. Yellow oh yellow: this trend is on top! Be sure to add some burnt yellow to special spots at your house, this color gives power, joy and happiness so it has to be part of your decoration in 2019.
  1. Light matters: we´ve seen a lot of dramatic usage of light, kind of vintage with several types of pendants in materials as copper and brass to add a deeper look.

So, it´s not too late to catch up with these trends and enjoy your spaces every time with the satisfaction of having the place of your dreams.

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