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6 healthy tips to heat your home this winter

heat your home

The cold winter in the north brings with it rising heating bills.

Learning that a house, like people, also has to be conditioned to different climates can help a lot when it comes to keeping it warm and coping with cold temperatures without generating big electricity costs.

At Dream Homes Builders and Remodelers, we’ll show you some easy and healthy ways to heat your home this winter.



6 simple steps that will keep your house warm during the winter


  1. Take advantage of sunlight: we recommend having windows and blinds open, but once it gets dark, close everything hermetically, so you can keep that heat during the night.


  1. Turn the decoration into your ally: thick textured curtains on the windows and behind the doors help keep the heat inside the house, especially if they have a thermal lining. Likewise, both furniture and cushions can also be covered with thick fabrics and warm colors. Rugs are also more necessary than ever. Optimize for thick knit, fleece, or flannel bedding to warm your bed.


  1. Another source of heat that you can take advantage of is the kitchen: That’s right, so choose to cook often, prepare hot drinks, bake your meals and your own desserts; this generates beneficial heat.


  1. Change the placement of your furniture in your favor: do not put furniture in front of the heating radiator as it covers and absorbs the heat, minimizing its operation. Instead, put some furniture such as a shelf above the radiator, but only if it helps to return the hot air and channel it towards the curtains.


  1. Turn off the exhaust fan and use a weather-stripping mat on the door: if you keep the exhaust fan on it will suck in the heat which is not recommended since the idea is to keep as much heat in as possible. Likewise, using a weatherstrip on the entrance door will prevent heat from escaping and help keep your house warm.


  1. Insulate your house and windows well: we recommend buying quality windows or sealing them very well so that the heat does not escape. Another helpful recommendation is to cover them with a layer polyurethane or fiberglass. You can also close the rooms of the house that are not being used to keep the heat inside.

You can now keep your home warm in winter in a healthy, safe way and at the same time save on energy bills


If you belong to the people who spend large sums on paying heating bills in winter, you will begin to see the difference once you put these tips into practice.

We are at your complete disposal for further advice on this subject, and if you require professionals to help you with a project, we’re one call away.

Contact us for more information, we will gladly make your dream come true. We are specialists in dream homes.

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