The construction has as many variants as there are tastes in the world, summer is a good season to build, so we’ll share some tips for managing summer constructions projects in Charlotte.

There are many aspects to keep in mind before starting any construction project. Even the smallest detail can affect the final result or change something along the way.

The estimated dates of completion of the projects, the materials to be used, the people and professionals to be included in the project, among many other variables, influence the development of each project.

Even the climate is something to consider, because conditions of temperature, humidity, etc., can significantly affect the execution of a project.

At Dream Home Builders and Remodelers we know that, so keep reading to better understand how to handle construction projects in Charlotte during the summer.

5 Tips for Managing Summer Construction Projects in Charlotte, NC

  1. Take advantage of the season: in Charlotte, summer is the favorite time for construction and renovation projects, because the weather is very nice and there is a lot of workforces available out there. 

It’s important to be aware of external aspects such as closed amenities, changes inroads, and some of that “vacation mood” but if you draw a specific work plan you´ll be able to deal with this.

  1. Be strategic: have a clear schedule from the beginning. Set up your goals and define realistic deadlines. Include everything you need to get the job done and add costs for every phase of the project and don´t forget to define a lapse for some delayed work, remember to be flexible too.
  1. Don´t forget the season: even when it´s the best time for you to work, remember that many people in Charlotte is on vacation, so have a schedule according to that.

Design working days in business hours, to start at 9 am approx. and to be finished at 5 or 6 pm max. Don’t bother too much your neighbors.

The same if you are working on repairing so you can keep everything as normal as possible and don´t affect your homeowners so much, the disruption must be minimal.

  1. Be organized: it’s very important to clean everything up at the end of each day, that way you will be showing how professional you are and the quality of your job day by day. Keep your tools and equipment safe at the end of every workday. This is our internal philosophy at Dream Home Builders.
  1. Update the progress: this is critical on the relationship with homeowners, so let them know when is your team starting, how will they get affected, how long will the work take, and every detail you can provide them for their peace of mind and trust. 

Confidence of your homeowners is the key to success and this is what works for us the most at Dream Home Builders.