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5 home renovations you can do in the winter

home renovations in the winter

If you hear the phrase “Winter is Coming”, you might think of Game Of Thrones, since it’s the motto of the Stark house. But when you hear this phrase you should think “Is my house ready for winter?”

During winter, the climatic conditions change more than at any time of the year and we have to be alert, otherwise, our home is in a position to face even the strongest snowstorm.

In the long run, having the house ready for winter can save you a lot of money. By not letting the cold in, you save more on heating.

So our advice is to check the spaces in your home, and evaluate if they are fit for winter. If you do not know how to do this evaluation, don’t worry, at Dream Home Builders & Remodelers we are experts able to advise you and analyze your house, and also give you the most economical renovation options, if you need them.

These are some examples of renovations that you can do at home that perhaps you haven’t done yet.


5 home renovations you can do in winter


1. Doors and windows

The heat of the house escapes through the doors and windows, so the first thing you should do is cover them.

On the outside of the windows, you can use anti-water clay to cover the cracks around the windows. It is also advisable to have double glazed windows; they are perfect against any type of storm. If you do not have this type of windows, cover the current ones with tape resistant to all climates.


home renovations


2. Take care of the pipes

Although this advice is for the entire house, you should be especially attentive to the kitchen and bathrooms.

You can wrap the pipes under your house with foam insulation, pipe plastic or heating tape (an electrical cable that connects to a thermostat to keep the pipes at a specific temperature). This will protect the pipes from the cold and prevent them from exploding.




3. Curtains and blinds

Check that the curtains and blinds are in excellent condition. Did you know that if you lower the blinds every night you prevent the house from getting colder? Another option is to install double curtains, thus preventing heat from leaving the room.




4. Install a thermostat

If you still don’t have one, what are you waiting for? This will help control the temperature and the heating will turn on or off automatically to keep the house warm, just the way you like it.




5. Look after radiators

Radiators are responsible for giving heat to our house. The first advice we give is to purge them.

If the water circulates without problems inside, the efficiency increases and the expense of the equipment decreases. This saves energy and makes them last longer.




The next tip is to put reflective panels behind the radiators, with this you will save between 10 and 20% in energy because it will bounce back to the inside of your house.

If after reading these examples of winter renovations that you can do in your home, you still have doubts as to whether you need to do something to prepare for the winter, let us remind you that at Dream Home Builders & Remodelers we are ready to guide you and clear all your doubts. We’ll be waiting for your call!

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