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5 creative lighting designs for your kitchen

Lighting is a vital part of a kitchen, both the natural one that is achieved with openings and windows, and the one that we artificially place to get a greater percentage of light and that requires a very creative design to be fully exploited.

A well-lit kitchen is simply functional among other things, for example, it is beautiful, cheerful and pleasant; it harmonizes with the rest of the house and makes the hours go by without realizing it.


Enjoy these 5 creative designs and choose the one that best suits your style!


1.      Ceiling lighting:

In this lighting design, you can observe the combination that was obtained from natural light through the large window and the beautifully distributed artificial light, both with pendant lamps and with small spotlights around them. Light colors prevail giving the feeling of more space than it really exists.

The important thing is the creativity that is put into the design, the rest comes alone.

2.      Spot lighting, within the furniture:


Look at this beautiful fully lit cabinet, which gives you a beautiful view and gives you the functionality you are looking for in a kitchen, even if it is small and does not have natural light, clarity is very present and you can find what you want at all times.

3.      Combined lighting:


In this design artificial and natural light are combined again with an impressive style, which give this kitchen an appearance of being rather outside the house, a lot of space and beauty with an independent island, which gives you the impression that natural light would be more than enough; you are in your kitchen and at the same time one step away from the terrace.

4.      General lighting:


This kitchen model, although it does not have windows, seems to have a lot of light. But in reality, it’s not about quantity but rather about quality. A blunt lighting design that adds to its neat white color, offering you a well-lit and regal space at the same time.

5.      Spot lighting:


And who doesn’t like an open, spacious and bright kitchen? This lighting design is also beautiful and very functional; many people can share the kitchen and feel comfortable at the same time. It’s ideal for preparing family meals.

Everything that happens in the kitchen is perfectly visible from the living room, so the family can join preparations of those nice meals. This is lots of well-placed and delicately distributed light to give comfort to your kitchen.

creative lighting


Choosing the right lighting design for your kitchen can sometimes be or seem simple. However, it is better to leave it in the hands of professionals so you can make the most of your space and enjoy the lighting you really need.

The Dream Home Builders & Remodelers team will always be with you and accompany you throughout the lighting process your new home will need.

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