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5 common patio drainage problems you may face and how you can solve them

patio drainage

A patio drainage system is in charge of collecting rainwater to drain it in the soil.

Not having a drainage system in the patio, or having one that doesn’t work, may generate countless problems. If it’s new, it must be installed correctly to guarantee its functionality, but if there’s a preexisting one all problems should be fixed for optimal performance.

A drainage system in bad conditions will produce unpleasant stagnant water, will damage your plants and even your walls and floors.

At Dream Home Builder and Remodelers we want to show you some of these problems and their possible solutions.



These are the 5 most common drainage problems in a house patio



  1. Nonexistent drainage system:In some cases, gravity will make water flow in the patio without any inconvenience even without a drainage system. However, this doesn’t apply to all cases, which is why it is necessary to have a drainage system in order to avoid stagnant rainwater that can cause damages to the garden or penetrate the walls.

One possible solution to this problem is to be one step ahead by providing your patio with an adequate slope and installing a drainage system for support.


  1. Inclined surfaces with insufficient drainage systems:This is the most common problem in this area, a patio with an inclination opposite to the water flow and a significantly small drainage system. These two factors undoubtedly cause the patio to be completely filled with water as it has no means to drain quickly. 

In this case, it is recommended to look for professional services to install a bigger drain tank (or two if necessary) and fix the inclination of the patio surface.


  1. Drainage system blockage:With time, waste food, garbage, leaves, etc., that go down the drains end up clogging the drainage system, making it less efficient to drain water with each passing day. 

The solution here is to clean the drains periodically, especially when we notice it’s draining less water. The drainage system maintenance can be done by yourself. A good time to do this is during summer, so when the rainy season arrives water can flow without any problem.


  1. Inadequate materials:When it comes to installing a drainage system on a patio, it is recommended that adequate materials be used. For the functionality of this system, the appropriate type of pipe, size, and distribution must be taken into account. Usually, at this point, problems occur because the person who installs it does not know these details. 

The solution is to seek the support of an expert to guarantee the durability and functionality that a good drainage system in your patio can offer.


  1. Garden in a patio without a drainage system: This is one of the most common problems that occur in patios with gardens that lack a drainage system. Stagnant water drowns plants and flowers which makes it difficult to have access to them, as well a maintaining the garden in good conditions. 

The most obvious solution for this problem is to install a drainage system, so you can keep your garden looking tidy, clean and spectacular. 


Do you want to have a patio with drainage in excellent conditions?


Even if you can solve a drainage problem yourself, it is best to consult a professional. They will assess the damages and problems and give you the best solutions.

At Dream Home Builder and Remodelers we’re ready to support you with an expert workforce and the best advice. Contact us, we will gladly assist you.

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