If you are considering on building a new home, you might find there is a lot of inconsistent information, which can be really overwhelming, while what you need is to be sure of the team you will be working with.

Our city, surrounded by the love for sports, continually attracts people from the northern United States so there is much information available out there but you need to pay attention and take only the best practices you hear, and not myths about custom building a new home.

When it comes to building a new house there are a lot of myths you surely have heard, and if you haven’t let’s see some of those.


4 Myths about custom building a new home in Charlotte, NC


  1. It’s more expensive than buying a used house: not necessarily, it will all be related to your available budget and your tastes. Make a deep review of the project costs and that´s enough.
  1. Takes too much time: it doesn’t have to take a lot if you hire only experts like us you will receive a project plan with timing and phases so you can be in your new home in just half a year.
  1. If a used home is torn down is hard to rebuild: no, it´s well known that tearing down an old house can be cheaper than remodeling but with the help of experts, in just a few days this task can be done so you can save money and time.
  1. It will not look the same as a used home: if you work with specialists this won´t happen, you will be able to check and approve the design and be part of the process. Be specific about what you want and be close to your work team so you can help in building the house of your dreams.

Our city is full of foreign ideas that can help on getting a richer project for your house and decoration so take it out of the field by working with recognized experts.

At Dream Home Builders and Remodelers, we care about our clients so we try to guide them all the way and provide the most accurate information so they can decide.