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3 home renovations needed to be done in a pandemic time

home renovation pandemic time

Unquestionably, the world has been unexpectedly shaken by the impact of Covid-19, a pandemic that has transformed everyone’s way of life, making us more vulnerable to our environment while forcibly isolating us with our families in our own homes.

Something that still seems unfathomable for many has been happening for months; we’re suddenly working from home, going out is restricted and families are reuniting, resulting in a completely different dynamic than the usual.

This process can be overwhelming. Adapting to the new normal is going to cause the necessity for some home renovations to create a more functional space to face this public health emergency.

Establishing new priorities when it comes to the performance of house chores is necessary.

This new way of re-encountering with our families has been going on for quite a while now, and it appears it’s here to stay for a long time, so redistributing the spaces at our homes efficiently is crucial for the whole family to be able to adapt to this so-called “new normal”.


Here are 3 home renovations needed to be done in a pandemic time


  1. The hallway: it’s the first place in the house that should be renovated so it can concretely fill the purpose of allowing us to drop items there such as umbrellas, keys, shoes, among others when we arrive home. 

Moreover, it is ideal to have alcohol, hand sanitizer, and also a trash can to discard disposable hygiene products in this part of the house. The hallway has now become the protective shield that separates your home from a potential infection.




  1. The living-room: the place of the house where family mostly meets can be transformed by hanging easy to clean curtains; the same goes for furniture since it is recommended to use fabric covers that don’t take too much work to clean.

If some of your furniture is merely occupying space, you can move it somewhere else to make this space less crowded for your family.


Living room


  1. The kitchen: make your kitchen more functional to keep your family safe. The kitchen has always been a keyspace and it’s currently one of the main forts in the house to fight Covid-19 because all our groceries end up there to be disinfected.


The Kitchen


The kitchen must be in optimal conditions during this pandemic, like for example, having a bigger space to wash vegetables and other food more quickly.

Covering a specific area of the kitchen with plastic wrap to wash, disinfect, and dry our groceries before storing them will come in handy, too.


These are indispensable measures during quarantine to improve your family’s quality of life


Setting separate spaces for each member of the family is highly suggested. As an example, children can have a play area in their rooms, so they can spend more time there doing all kinds of activities.

In the same way, work areas, like an office or a similar space intended for it, must have a trash can and must be disinfected at all times, as well as devices and equipment.

In difficult Covid-19 times, it is important to keep calm and have the stability we need to balance all these drastic changes the pandemic has generated.

Remodel your spaces with our Dream Home Builders and Remodelers experts. We’re exactly what you need for your home renovations, adequately adjusting to the new normal.

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