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10 wonderful Built-Ins Design Ideas for this 2020

Each passing day, built-in design ideas become trendier and earn more and more followers. For this decade, all bets are on design ideas that include the addition of integrated spaces, where you can share and enjoy different activities.

Traditional design of delimited, closed or even isolated spaces has been left behind, paving the way to a multifunctional one that apart from offering beauty, good taste and integration, also gives the possibility of reuniting your family around the kitchen when you’re cooking, or when you’re working on your desktops, when you’re having something to read and of course when you have guests.


Get to know 10 built-in design ideas for 2020


1.        Living room-dining room-kitchen fully integrated:

As we can see this design clearly seeks to connect the whole family even if they’re performing different activities. For example, if some members of the family are in the kitchen making food and others are in the dining room working on something, they can all participate in a conversation and at the same time watch over the kid who’s watching TV in the living room.

built-in design ideas


2.       Kitchen with a multipurpose island:

A large island is an interesting design idea. Its many purposes including serving as a division for open spaces, as a table for food preparation and also as a table where we can gather around to enjoy what we cooked, and of course, we can also use it for doing homework. It is the perfect built-in design idea for any modern home.


3.       Living room and kitchen connected by an island:


This design idea is wonderful for when we have guests at home since the one in charge of cooking won’t feel excluded from the rest, turning a nice evening with friends into a party of flavors, long talks, good TV shows all in the same place.


4.       Kitchen, dining room and living-room in fully open design:


The trend for 2020 is the design of open spaces, just like this idea that conveys a sense of spaciousness, freedom, and comfort perfectly integrated, allowing the interaction of family and visitors at all times.


5.      Kitchen integrated to the backyard and pool:


Another great design idea for this decade is to connect the backyard with the kitchen through very large glass doors and windows, allowing us to look at that other space where we can even make them merge by letting the door completely open.


6.      Open shelves for the kitchen and living room:


Among the best design ideas for trendy integrated spaces, are open shelves. They work beautifully in the kitchen, living room and any other space that you want to remodel because they help integrate spaces and at the same time give the feeling of spaciousness.


7.        Glass, wood and metal designs for kitchens:


Remodeling the kitchen this 2020? This combination of wood materials on the floor, metals in the appliances and glass doors and windows is a trend right now, offering cleanliness, beauty, functionality, and integrality; a totally modern concept.


8.       Fully built-in kitchen storage cabinets:


For those who love modernity and order, this design consists of a closed cabinet concept that ends in the ceiling, integrated into the wall, pretending to be the wall itself. Different styles for different tastes and needs.


9.      Large glass windows to connect the kitchen and patio:


The integrated design ideas, in addition to being completely in trend for this 2020, offer great possibilities to enjoy joint activities, in this design for example, just by leaving the back-glass door open will give you the feeling of having your kitchen practically in the patio.

10.   Open spaces, bright and integrated:


This built-in design idea reflects everything that is sought after for 2020 in terms of remodeling and construction of houses: a beautiful, functional space that keeps your home personality warm and perfect.


Do you want to remodel your spaces to make them cozy and also integrated? In Charlotte, North Carolina, at Dream Home Builders and Remodelers we can advise you on this matter.

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