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5 common steps for a Charlotte home remodeling project

At some point of our life we are making changes in our home, it might be a home remodeling or Home Additions. If you’re thinking about any of these, there should be some steps you might take into consideration to implement a good project.

5 key steps to do a home remodeling project the right way, adding value to your home.

1.      Think about what you want:

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home, it’s probably because you have some new ideas in your head and you want to implement them, maybe you want a new concept of your house or you want to add some new parts at it, and so on… we mean, you have good reasons to do it.

Charlotte home remodeling project

Thinking about what you want is important to accomplish the objectives of a new project. In some cases, you might have a clear idea of what you want and in other cases, you might look for some inspiration in magazines, online ideas or even a contractor.

All of that is fine, it’ll help you define what you want, and will help you to move forward to the second step.

2.      Make a plan:

Making a plan is very important for the whole process of a remodeling project. Why? Well, it’ll give you a good picture of what you have, what you want and what you can expect.

Plan for home remodeling project

It’ll allow you to define a budget for your project and timelines, to consider hidden challenges, to know if your Charlotte neighborhood have restrictions or even to find out something you don’t know, which will help you to consider a plan B if necessary.

3.      Contact your insurance agent:

We suggest you to contact your insurance agent before beginning a project, just to make sure you know how much coverage provides your insurance policy in case of any risk or emergency. The Insurance Information Institute suggests to tell your agent about your home improvements and ask if it’s necessary to increase your coverage limits.

4.      Hire a general contractor:

Hiring a general contractor as Dream Home Builders & Remodelers with a great experience in design process, custom homes and remodeling is the right thing you can do when you think about making some changes in your place. We work closely to our clients, we help them develop their ideas and designs, and make their dreams come true. We come along during the whole process, work with a plan, timelines, documents needed, repairs and negotiations.

The general contractor is the one responsible for the whole work and for paying the staff that help them. In North Carolina, contractors who bid on a project that is greater than $30,000 are legally required to have a valid license.

Dream Home Builders & Remodelers

We have 25 years of construction experience in Charlotte and we’re Certified Green Builder with the National Association of Home Builders.

Charlotte homeowners must talk to the contractor the first time they meet and verify if additional tasks are needed and the cost estimates.

5.      Implement a Charlotte home remodeling project:

This is the step where your idea starts to be implemented, demolitions starts, improve the repairs, review behind the walls, above ceiling, below the floor, plumbing electrical, and everything according to the plan and agreed with the contractor.

Implement a home remodeling project

Once remodeling is finished you’ll be able to enjoy you place with your family.

The Importance of Planning Ahead for a Home Remodel in Charlotte

Negotiating the permitting/planning process and actually beginning the construction comfortably inside the same building season can be quite difficult to pull off in a home remodel in Charlotte. Home renovation and remodeling is a big task, and most homeowners in Charlotte are simply not prepared as they head into such a project. This more often than not, leads to low quality work or high job costs. If you want to protect your investment and quite frankly your mental health as well, it is definitely necessary for you to get a head start on your plans for remodeling.

Home Remodeling Plans

First things first: you should avoid all the rush whenever you can. January is undoubtedly the choice for all those who wish to have a remodeling project done, which is why at this time of the year, all the folks have their time at a premium.planning ahead

Home Remodel in Charlotte That Works

Planning ahead means you get enough time to weigh all your choices, discuss the project with relatives and friends, find fantastic sales, and call or actually pay a visit to your reference list of contractors or designers in Charlotte, NC. You can do this all without being rushed, which is a welcoming feeling on its own. Always remember that you’ll have to live with the results of your decisions for years to come, so the more time have, the better it is.

The First Few Steps

If your project’s bids have come in over the projected budget, an entirely new selection of choices is underway. Will you be able to bring your project into line alongside material changes? Can you cut back on your project, with new or completely re-drawn plans? Which contractor should you hire? Can your project be carried out in phases? Have you looked at the work of the contractor?

Early planning enables you to find bargains and sales. By getting ready at the start of the building season, you have the best advantage of demand and supply as far as selective building and contractor selection are concerned.

All of these aspects as well as several others can definitely arise prior to the remodeling project. As such, you should do the best that you can to stay ahead of everything that surrounds your project before it gets underway. Keep in mind that your home remodel should be something you are able to truly enjoy; it shouldn’t be something you push through.