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The kitchen will forever be the control room for the family home.  Obviously preparing meals is the primary purpose of the kitchen but today’s kitchens offer so much more.  Kitchens designed years ago focused primarily on the function of cooking.  In today’s homes the kitchen serves as a social center for both family and friends.  Charlotte’s kitchen remodeling projects now display the homes primary showpiece that directly reflects the owner’s style and creativity.

Charlotte kitchen remodeling

Open Kitchen

Recent kitchen trends include elevated computer work areas for checking email or following a recipe.  Improving flow between the kitchen and family room by removing an interior wall for a more open feel.  Dedicated space for waste and recycling receptacles.  Planned spaces for wine storage and children’s book bags.


For whatever reason your kitchen needs to be renovated or remodeled the time tested formula of the Kitchen Work Triangle for food production still remains the foundation of all kitchen design today.  The Kitchen Work Triangle is defined as: a straight line from the center of the sink, straight line to the center of the cook top, straight line to the refrigerator and finally a straight line returning back to the center of the sink.  The Triangle has three specific rules which most kitchen designers adhere to:

Charlotte Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Work Triangle

  1. The sum of all sides of the triangle should not exceed 26 feet.
  2. The work triangle should not cut through an island or peninsula by more than 12 inches.
  3. The kitchen sink should be placed directly across from the cook top, refrigerator or preparation area.


Your kitchen will include all the latest styles and trends for an updated modern look.  New appliances will include all the new technology on the market today.  It will include the function and use that today’s families require.  Most importantly, it will be kitchen that reflects your style and personality.  Call us today to start your Charlotte kitchen remodeling project!