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8 reasons why people move to Charlotte, NC

There are many reasons why people move to Charlotte, NC. Charlotte is an American city located in Mecklenburg County, and it’s the largest one in the state of North Carolina. It is considered an important financial and commercial center since two of the biggest banks in the country are here, Wachovia Bank and Bank of America

It is also the headquarters of NASCAR Hall of Fame which celebrates auto racing with movies and interactive exhibits. It is known as “The Queen City” and with 842.051 inhabitants it is the most populated city in North Carolina.

Charlotte North Carolina

People move to Charlotte due to lots of opportunities

For those who wish to move and are looking to renovate themselves in a new environment, Charlotte, NC is the best choice. It is the best city to live in the United States.

Affordable housing and multiple options to look for promising businesses are found here. It has a solid and stable economy according to Relocate America, Home Route real estate agency’s service of information and resources.

For these and many other reasons, we want to share with you today 8 reasons why people are moving to Charlotte, and search for it as the best destination to live. 

why people move to Charlotte, NC

8 reasons why people move to Charlotte, NC


  1. Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina and is a prominent financial center in the country. Thus, there exist job opportunities, high salaries and houses are affordable which makes it an attractive place to live.
  2. Education is a central subject; Charlotte has outstanding schools and universities, different places for leisure and a pleasant humid subtropical climate. It is also surrounded by natural and artificial lakes, hills where you can camp with your family without getting too far from home.
  3. The cost of living in Charlotte is below the index of what is considered high in the United States. Its economy is prosperous which has undoubtedly contributed to its great population growth since many people want to live in Charlotte.
  4. This is a city in full development that offers comfort and safety.
  5. The State of North Carolina has the highest flat income index, unlike the other 8 states that also have this tax system.
  6. The job market is wide and promising.
  7. Regarding the employment rate, Charlotte is at number 5 on the Forbes list with the best cities to work in the United States.
  8. Charlotte has excellent medical facilities and a very rich and varied local history.

Charlotte, NC combines all the characteristics that we all look for to live, excellent education, large job market and good salaries, low taxes, affordable housing, nice climate and it is also a beautiful city with many places for enjoyment, which is why it’s understandable that each day more and more people are moving to Charlotte looking for a better quality of life.


Top 10 kitchen design trends in Charlotte, North Carolina.

If you want to renovate or make the kitchen of your dreams, the first thing you should consider is a good interior designer. In Charlotte, North Carolina are the best ones.

Dream Home Builder & Remodelers can make your space as cozy and functional as possible, all at the same time, whether it is a small space or a very large one.

When it comes to kitchens, what is practical and simple, but with style, set trends. Some design trends for 2018:

1. A well-lit spacious kitchen with harmonious and elegant colors is the main option when it comes to choosing one. More than a place to cook, it is a place for the family, where everyone can gather to prepare their food and share that experience, with adequate space so everybody can fit in it.

spacious kitchen

2. Modernity is always a trend, gray shades make this a regal kitchen, in addition to having the practicality that the island gives when it comes to social interaction; let’s not forget that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

regal kitchen

3. Classic and rustic at the same time, but in neutral tones is what makes this kitchen simple, functional and very cozy. These kitchens never go out of style and give that sense of the warmth of home.

Classic and rustic

4. This beautiful kitchen with a marble island combines perfectly with the wood resulting in a total integration of these two materials, exceedingly elegant and with a unique simplicity that invites to family encounters.

beautiful kitchen

5. Only you can envision the kitchen of your dreams but this one will leave you breathless: practical, modern, luxurious and functional at full speed. Beautiful to look at, it invites you to cook the best recipes and mainly to show off.

practical and modern kitchen

6. Wood is always a trend when it comes to remodeling or building the kitchen, the phrase ”The heart of my home is made of wood ” fits here.

7. Color white equals to peace and it is spectacular for kitchens, this proposal is also for outdoors kitchens which makes it very interesting and a meeting place for guests with a great sense of freedom.

spectacular kitchens

8. Glamorous kitchens are everyone’s sensation. After all, who doesn’t like a beautiful place to invite family and friends when it comes to cooking, as well as feeling comfortable with their guests?

kitchen design trends in Charlotte


9. Strong color tones with white give this kitchen a striking appearance, which is always fashionable and also conveys safety and beauty.

kitchen design trends in Charlotte

10. … And this is a proposal of a traditional kitchen, which is also a trend. Spacious, comfortable, beautiful, with warm materials and soft colors, it creates synergy between the old and the new without losing style and functionality.

kitchen design trends in Charlotte

In Charlotte, North Carolina, you can find the best professionals to advise you on the remodeling of the most important place in your home: the kitchen. Leave the size, materials and design in the hands of those who know and you will get the best results.

Is it safe to do home remodeling during rainy season?

Is it safe to do home remodeling during rainy season? A question many of us do to ourselves when thinking of remodeling our home. It is normal that when our family is growing, we are always looking to buy a bigger house or expand the one we already have, this is a reality and Charlotte does not escape from it. If you lean more for remodeling your home, today we want to share with you some recommendations.

In Charlotte NC, when doing this type of activities, it is important to take into account that it rains all year, even in summer. Its climate is warm and temperate, even during the month of March, which is a little drier, it also rains. Therefore, it is common that in the middle of all construction activities and remodeling at some point it may rain.

When making the decision to remodel your house, it is recommended to plan these works in advance and with knowledge of factors such as the hot season in Charlotte (from May to September), the coolest season (from December to February) and the rainy season (August, September and October). It can work as a frame of reference for decision making regarding the home remodeling.

home remodeling during rainy season in Charlotte

What happens if we make additions or home remodeling during rainy season? What are the possible consequences?

Well, we have to consider that probably we move slowly towards our goal, due to we have to take a series of precautions to protect our work, we have to think about the materials and the health of the workers that, definitely, it will influence in their productivity.

It is possible that the works involved in the remodeling cannot be executed in the foreseen time; for example, if foundations are going to be laid, open gaps or recesses, it can be hindered by the rains, if the house is going to be painted or waterproofed it cannot be done while it is raining, also the materials and the work itself can be damaged if the appropriate measures are not taken.

Most of the time when extending the period of time, it could also increase the value of the contract.

Here are some tips to optimize your project:

  1. First, be sure of the type of remodeling you want to do, keep in mind that it is best to seek for the advice of an expert, reasons why in Dream Home Builders and Remodeling you can have all the advice you need to fulfill your dreams of having the best home of all.
  1. Working with an experienced contractor will ensure that the staff under your charge can deal with the weather more safely, especially when it comes to safeguarding the materials and everything that could be compromised in the work. In the end, the contractors are the experts and we know how to handle possible setbacks.
  1. To execute your remodeling project in less time, choose to do it between May and July, which is when the rains are less intense.
  1. Keep in mind that less is more in some situations… so, taking care of your investment has to do, not only with a good budget, but also with a good planning, which will guarantee success.

If we organize ourselves we can do these activities at any time of the year. We should only take into account the best recommendations and the experience of experts in this field.

And you? Have you done home remodeling during rainy seasons? What has been your experience?

Learn how to get rid of dust after an extensive home remodeling

To get rid of dust after an extensive home remodeling is tedious most of the time. Home remodeling is something that generally cause a big illusion to ourselves. Thinking about the final result is exciting! This is something that makes us feel happy, we love enjoying of a new and modern space. However, remodeling can be complicated sometimes, but if we are well advised, and we know how we want our facilities to remain and we hire the right team, it won’t be such a big problem.

In Dream Home Builders and Remodeler you can count on a professional advisory with 25 years of construction experience in Charlotte. Reason why we want to share with you a few tips to get rid of dust after an extensive home remodeling.

get rid of dust after home remodeling

8 simple steps to get rid of dust after home remodeling 

  1. Say good bye to the dust easily:

it’s common that after moving furniture, demolishing walls and sanding, there is always dust floating around your house. A quick way to get rid of it is to open the window and place a fan blowing out, it will make the particles away, little by little you’ll see how the air in your place is being purified.

  1. Eliminate the dust from the objects:

Try to use a cloth to clean the objects, make sure the cloth you’re using is not full of water because you will only be able to take the dirt from one place to another. Once you see that the cloth does not drip, pass it through the electrical appliances, tables and windows. Always try to use dusting tool in order to be successful in your task.

  1. Clean the ceiling and walls using a damp mop:

Dip the mop in the bucket with water and squeeze it until you don’t spill a drop of water. Then, place it in the corner that joins the wall and the ceiling and pull it as if you were cleaning the floor. This is something you could also do to clean the walls.

  1. Clean the floor:

It is important not to sweep the floor, as it will only cause dirt and debris to spread all over the place. It is recommended to make use of a vacuum cleaner with high efficiency filter. This vacuum cleaner absorbs even the smallest dirt and you must pass it from side to side stepping only in dust-free areas.

  1. Remove traces of paint:

If this is the case and you need to remove traces of paint, varnish or enamel, try to moisten the stain with a little nail polish remover with acetone, you will see that the dirt softens in a few seconds, you just have to scrape it.

  1. Remove spots on the floor:

If after vacuuming you find spots on the floor, try moistening a cloth with a bit of soda and squeezing the soil where the stain is located until it comes out. If case it doesn’t work, try a bit of hydrogen peroxide. For sure it will work!

  1. Remove remain of cements, mud or glue:

Removing these remains is usually easy with a scale remover, you can find one in the cleaning section of any hardware store. Moisten a cloth with a descaler, pass it where the stain is and then scrape the glob with a spatula.

  1. Prevent accumulating dirt:

One of the most important thing of all is to prevent dirt to accumulate. Try to remove the dust everyday after each working day or at least every single weekend.

If time passes and you accumulate a lot of it, it will be harder to remove the dust and chemicals adhered to the surface.

5 tips to hire a contractor for home remodeling in Charlotte

Charlotte, better known as the Queen City, is an affordable place for anyone who loves close-nit communities and outdoors. if you are planning to build a new house from the ground up or you want to do some remodeling at home, take into consideration you will need to hire a contractor.

You sure have heard lots of stories about home remodeling projects undone, projects that falls down easily, lack of proper permits, which makes it a horrible experience no one wants to live.

Take the right decision and hire the right contractor for home remodeling with these simple steps:

1.      Get some recommendations from friends and family:

… and even coworkers, building inspectors around the area. It is important to ask people around, especially if you are not an expert in the subject. You can also check for a list of inspectors at the National Association of Remodeling Industry.

hire a contractor for home remodeling in Charlotte

2.      Schedule a meeting face to face with the contractor:

First of all, talk to the contractor by phone call and then, it is important to meet face to face with him, as he will be the person you will be working with, he will be the person who’ll spend a lot of time at your place, will know your family, so, it’s recommended to have close communication previously and discuss the project, estimations, budget, and more…

Even when you meet face to face with the contractor, you can check if complaints have been made to anyone you have considered. The Better Business Bureau and the state consumer protection agency (North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services) can help you with it.

In Dream Home Builders and Remodelers, we have 25 year of construction experience in Charlotte as we have Certified Green Builder with the National Association of Home Builders.

3.      Make a plan and ask for bids for a couple of contracts:

At this point you must already have a list of contractors they seem responsible and trustworthy. You have to evaluate all your bids and compare them. Not necessary the cheapest one is the right one, you have to take into consideration that that might imply in cheap construction materials which is not the idea.

They should break down the cost of materials, which count for 40% of total costs, profits margins, around 15 to 20%, and the rest is for labor and other expenses.

4.      Discuss payment schedule from the very beginning:

Generally, for large projects, it is recommended to start with 10% once contract is signed. Then, you’ll make 3 payments of 25% along the project and the last one for 15% once everything is more than finished.

5.      Draw up a contract and put everything in writing:

It is very important to put everything in writing: payments schedules, a start day for the project, material to be used, worker’s compensation payments, cost of materials and job expectations. Any other details must be established in the contract documents. If there is someone who is not able to put things in writing, it’s simple! Just don’t work with him!

Finding the right contractor gives you peace of your mind, as making renovations and home remodeling can be very stressful. These tips can help you make the process a bit easier.

4 Benefits of home remodeling and home additions in Charlotte NC

Family is getting bigger every year and you are feeling home seems to be smaller with so many people at home. This is the time where you start thinking about what to do: if to add an addition and remodeling your place or if buying a new house to live with your big family.

Home remodeling and home additions in Charlotte can bring more benefits than moving. Just think for a moment about the good things you lived with your husband and kids in your current place. Imagine making your home a better place by making some additions like:

  • A new bedroom.
  • Building a new garage and remodeling existing garage
  • Turn a bedroom into an office.
  • Add a 2nd story addition

By remodeling your home, you can have add more living space in a short period of time.  The cost and stress of moving to a new home can impact your family’s routine. 

Benefits of home remodeling and home additions              

1.      Home additions can give you more space

As we said before, home addition brings you the advantage of having more space in your place.  No matter which addition you want to make, it always brings positive results, whether it is a new bedroom suite, remodeling the kitchen or bathroom.

More space

2.      It increases the value of your property

We know that buying a place to live is like the best investment we will ever make. Remodeling our place by adding a family room, a garage, an office room, an outdoor kitchen, will make it more comfortable to spend time with family and friends. If the house is maintained properly, it will  increase in value  However, it is always important to consult with a real estate professional for more information.

3.      If you want to, you can rent a room of your home for an extra income

Although, it is not the most common thing to do, it is an option. Specially if you need the money after the remodeling, or if it was in your plans from the very beginning.

home addition

4.      It allows extra family members


Apparently young adult living with their parent is turning more common than we think. Actually, 40% of young adults lived with their parents and other relatives in 2015, according to data from Tulia, a real estate analytics company.

extra family members

So, home addition can help you receive your family at home. You can add an entire bedroom.  An entire bedroom plus a bathroom, perfect for guests and family who are staying for a while.  Or….a in-law suite for your husbands mother..  Yikes!!

Remember that if you want to remodel, but you’re not so sure how to start, take into consideration some common steps that might help you find out what you really want.

In Dream Home Builders & Remodelerswe are more than ready to help you with your home additions and remodeling the moment you want.


5 great benefits of an Outdoor Living in Charlotte

 Outdoor living in Charlotte, NC. are a great option, specially, because of the climate we have. Benefits of having an outdoor living space comes from physical to mentally. This is a very functional option and an awesome place to entertain, exercise and relax.

58% architectural practices surveyed last year by the American  Institute of Architects said outdoor living spaces were popular features in the homes they built.

On the other hand, scientifically, breathing fresh air is good for our health. Then, why not to have a space in our own place to relax ourselves enjoying the nature? It is proved that being in a green environment can help our self-esteem and mood.

Some benefits of having an Outdoor living in Charlotte, are:

1.      Extension of your place:

Have you ever dreamed of a big house as the perfect place to enjoy your life with your family and friends? Outdoor living spaces bring you the opportunity to design whatever you can image. You can bring indoor amenities as bathrooms and custom outdoors kitchen that definitely will help increase your property value in Charlotte.

Outdoor Living in Charlotte

Outdoor swimming pool

2.      Entertaining  


In a place like this, you can celebrate your children’s birthday, share some beers with your friends, prepare a barbecue with family on Sunday, elaborate a Halloween party or just listening to some music and spend some time alone.

Outdoor Living in Charlotte

3.      Family


Family always comes first, and having an outdoor living space can be wonderful to enjoy quality time with your family. You can teach your children to swim, you can share special moments with all of them and have them close to you.

Outdoor Living in Charlotte


4.      Good investment

Having an outdoor living space definitely adds value to your home. According to Remodeling’s 2017 Cost Vs. Value Report, Outdoor living spaces continue to yield a significant Return of Investment.

Outdoor Living in Charlotte

5.      Stress reduction


Spending time outdoors can help reducing stress. This easily can be your refuge, the antidote to cure pressure of life. Taking a minute to listen carefully to sounds of nature is healthy and can make you feel the stress goes away.

Outdoor Living in Charlotte

In Dream Home Builders & Remodelers, we help you to build your perfect Outdoor Living space. You imagine and we make it come true.


5 common steps for a Charlotte home remodeling project

At some point of our life we are making changes in our home, it might be a home remodeling or Home Additions. If you’re thinking about any of these, there should be some steps you might take into consideration to implement a good project.

5 key steps to do a home remodeling project the right way, adding value to your home.

1.      Think about what you want:

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home, it’s probably because you have some new ideas in your head and you want to implement them, maybe you want a new concept of your house or you want to add some new parts at it, and so on… we mean, you have good reasons to do it.

Charlotte home remodeling project

Thinking about what you want is important to accomplish the objectives of a new project. In some cases, you might have a clear idea of what you want and in other cases, you might look for some inspiration in magazines, online ideas or even a contractor.

All of that is fine, it’ll help you define what you want, and will help you to move forward to the second step.

2.      Make a plan:

Making a plan is very important for the whole process of a remodeling project. Why? Well, it’ll give you a good picture of what you have, what you want and what you can expect.

Plan for home remodeling project

It’ll allow you to define a budget for your project and timelines, to consider hidden challenges, to know if your Charlotte neighborhood have restrictions or even to find out something you don’t know, which will help you to consider a plan B if necessary.

3.      Contact your insurance agent:

We suggest you to contact your insurance agent before beginning a project, just to make sure you know how much coverage provides your insurance policy in case of any risk or emergency. The Insurance Information Institute suggests to tell your agent about your home improvements and ask if it’s necessary to increase your coverage limits.

4.      Hire a general contractor:

Hiring a general contractor as Dream Home Builders & Remodelers with a great experience in design process, custom homes and remodeling is the right thing you can do when you think about making some changes in your place. We work closely to our clients, we help them develop their ideas and designs, and make their dreams come true. We come along during the whole process, work with a plan, timelines, documents needed, repairs and negotiations.

The general contractor is the one responsible for the whole work and for paying the staff that help them. In North Carolina, contractors who bid on a project that is greater than $30,000 are legally required to have a valid license.

Dream Home Builders & Remodelers

We have 25 years of construction experience in Charlotte and we’re Certified Green Builder with the National Association of Home Builders.

Charlotte homeowners must talk to the contractor the first time they meet and verify if additional tasks are needed and the cost estimates.

5.      Implement a Charlotte home remodeling project:

This is the step where your idea starts to be implemented, demolitions starts, improve the repairs, review behind the walls, above ceiling, below the floor, plumbing electrical, and everything according to the plan and agreed with the contractor.

Implement a home remodeling project

Once remodeling is finished you’ll be able to enjoy you place with your family.

Charlotte Pool House Builder

Charlotte Pool House Builder

Dream Home Builders and Remodelers LLC is an accomplished Charlotte Pool House Builder having worked along side with many of Charlotte’s best pool builders. Many of today’s pool houses include many different elements that are commonly found inside our homes.  Outdoor kitchens and bathrooms are key elements when designing pool house projects.  Fireplaces and decorative ceilings are becoming more and more a common element of design.

Most of our Charlotte Pool Houses are designed for family use.  A place for family to relax and enjoy the outdoors together.  Pool Houses provide the shade needed to enjoy the Carolina summers. 

Charlotte Pool House Builder

Included in this pool house is a wood burning fireplace with a gas log starter, Led Television, storage room and bathroom.  Client desired a timber framed roof with exposed rafters.

img_3668-1_edited-1 img_3673-1_edited-1Pool House Fireplaceimg_3674-1_edited-1

Some of our client choose to enclose their new Charlotte Pool House.  This added additional conditioned living space that was adaptable to many of the owners entertaining events.  This project included 1,000 sqft of living space over a two car garage with golf cart storage.

 Charlotte Pool House

Inside you will find some of the luxury finishes you might expect in some of Charlotte’s nicest homes.

Charlotte Pool House Builders img_0907-1_edited-1 img_0911-1_edited-1img_0918-1_edited-1

We also contracted with Sports Court of the Carolinas with the installation of a pickle ball court. 

Pickle Ball Court img_0899-1_edited-1 img_0902-1_edited-1

When considering constructing your pool house its important that you consider hiring a competent and experience Charlotte Pool House Builder.  A builder with knowledge of home construction is beneficial as the process is basically the same just on a smaller scale.


A Custom Outdoor Kitchen Will Increase Your Property Value in Charlotte

Summer in Charlotte, NC is almost here and a custom outdoor kitchen is a great way to allow you to have all of your friends over for a top quality outdoor meal. While a really high quality outdoor kitchen can certainly run you thousands of dollars, it will definitely add to the property value of your home as well as make you the center of attention at any block party.  By having your own custom outdoor kitchen installed in your backyard, people will flock in whenever you invite them (provided you are a decent cook) for loads of fun, well cooked meals and an atmosphere you can only find in high priced restaurants.

You can choose to construct your outdoor kitchen in one of two different ways. The first, and most Custom outdoor kitchen_2practical is the enclosed variety. This type of custom outdoor kitchen is perfect for people who may live in an area with a lot of rain or wind, like some areas of the Charlotte metro region.  By building a roof on your outdoor kitchen you will be able to use it nearly all year round, so you really get your money’s worth. Alternatively, you can build a custom outdoor kitchen without a roof. Generally people can do this without hiring a contractor, but you will not be able to use it any time other than those days with absolute pristine weather.

Custom outdoor kitchen_1A custom outdoor kitchen can be as small or as spectacular as you want it to be. Your budget and your imagination are the only limits in the world of the outdoor kitchen. While many people may rather have an expensive in ground pool, there are those who are not comfortable with the water and would much rather enjoy their time outside in front of a grill or refrigerator.  Furthermore, an outdoor kitchen makes it easy to prepare any foods you may want, as you will have space to grill, places to store food and a sink to clean everything up in – all in one easy to use location. No more running back and forth from the indoor kitchen to the barbeque in the backyard.  Allow Dream Home Builders & Remodelers to help you envision and build your new custom kitchen or transform an existing outdoor space.