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Charlotte Pool House Builder

Charlotte Pool House Builder

Dream Home Builders and Remodelers LLC is an accomplished Charlotte Pool House Builder having worked along side with many of Charlotte’s best pool builders. Many of today’s pool houses include many different elements that are commonly found inside our homes.  Outdoor kitchens and bathrooms are key elements when designing pool house projects.  Fireplaces and decorative ceilings are becoming more and more a common element of design.

Most of our Charlotte Pool Houses are designed for family use.  A place for family to relax and enjoy the outdoors together.  Pool Houses provide the shade needed to enjoy the Carolina summers. 

Charlotte Pool House Builder

Included in this pool house is a wood burning fireplace with a gas log starter, Led Television, storage room and bathroom.  Client desired a timber framed roof with exposed rafters.

img_3668-1_edited-1 img_3673-1_edited-1Pool House Fireplaceimg_3674-1_edited-1

Some of our client choose to enclose their new Charlotte Pool House.  This added additional conditioned living space that was adaptable to many of the owners entertaining events.  This project included 1,000 sqft of living space over a two car garage with golf cart storage.

 Charlotte Pool House

Inside you will find some of the luxury finishes you might expect in some of Charlotte’s nicest homes.

Charlotte Pool House Builders img_0907-1_edited-1 img_0911-1_edited-1img_0918-1_edited-1

We also contracted with Sports Court of the Carolinas with the installation of a pickle ball court. 

Pickle Ball Court img_0899-1_edited-1 img_0902-1_edited-1

When considering constructing your pool house its important that you consider hiring a competent and experience Charlotte Pool House Builder.  A builder with knowledge of home construction is beneficial as the process is basically the same just on a smaller scale.


Expectations When Building a Custom Charlotte Home

Expectations When Building a Custom Charlotte Home

what should you expect

Expectations when building a custom Charlotte home with today’s tight inventories for existing homes have left many would-be buyers to have a brand-new home built based on their specific needs. Building a custom home can be a complex process, and this is why it’s important to know what to expect from the entire process.

Charlotte Custom home builders make it easier for people like you to fulfill your dream of having a custom-built house. When it comes to building a new house, the buyers have two distinct options. Firstly, they can work closely with a homebuilder who will show them the materials and plans that they can choose from. Secondly, they can take the truly custom approach where they have the plans created by an Charlotte architect followed by hiring a Charlotte contractor to transform the plan from paper into reality.

1.     Budget

Regardless of the path you choose, the very first thing you will have to do is determine a budget. It is recommended that you work closely with your builder and architect to design a home that will meet you financial goals.  Working with a Charlotte Design Build Contractor who works closely with a architect will assist with designing a home that does not exceed your budget.

You need to have an accurate estimate regarding the time it takes to build a new home. Expect time duration of a minimum of 3 to 8 months depending on how extensive your Charlotte  custom-home will be.. Consumers should mention what they expect in terms of the timeframe when meeting the builder and designer so there are no unfair assumptions.

2.     Loan Process

For those planning to get a loan, they need to understand that there’s a different in getting a mortgage and getting a construction loan. In the case of the latter, the consumer may have to secure both the construction loan that would cover the costs for the suppliers, builders and the subcontractors along with a mortgage loan that will need to be paid to the bank once the house has been built.  Some financial instatutions offer construction loads with a permant mortgage rollover.  Contact your bank for more information.

Typically plans are priced by the builder and submitted to a real estate appraiser secured by the bank.  The appraiser will provide the bank and the owner the anticpated value of the completed home.  Once the project is approved by the bank, overages and significant changes maid during construction may require additional funding. If the expenses increase beyond the budget, you will have to fund your project from your personal reserves.


Once you have decided to invest in a Charlotte custom home built for yourself, make sure you get your architect, builder and contractors onboard so that everything is crystal-clear right from the start. Have a detailed contract written down with the completion time, expenses, and all design features so there are no hassles during the construction process.